What is LEAD Team?

The LEAD Team is a group of pastor, pastors' wives or women in ministry who make a commitment to spend time together on a regular basis so they can do life together. Each participant understands that ministry in the local church cannot only be rewarding but tremendously challenging. By intentionally joining together with others on a regular basis they are able to become part of a group that meets a deep need: the need to talk and share their lives with people they trust and people who understand what they are going through.

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All across the AC denomination, pastors, pastors' wives and women in ministry are finding the ministry of the LEAD Team to be a blessing for their own lives and the life of their church. If interested, read on . . .


Learn and Encourage

Each retreat is designed to help the participant gain some new perspective on what it means to lead. This may come through reading a book, a Bible study, prayer time or a shared event that speaks to the subject at hand. Through the fellowship and interaction of this group, relationships of trust are built, and each person is encouraged no matter what they face in ministry.

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Achieve and Dream

Sometimes those in ministry are so burdened down by the daily demands placed upon their lives that they fail to dream of what could be or, more importantly, what God wants for their ministries.

The fellowship of the LEAD Team creates an environment that is conducive to the sharing of one’s biggest dreams and hopes for the work God has called them to be a part of. Those who are a part of the LEAD Team recognize that these are busy times and adding one more activity seems to be too much. Nevertheless, those same people believe that it might be more important to give up one thing in their busy schedule in order to be involved in something that might change or even save their ministry.

If you believe the LEAD Team might be for you, contact the   ACGC Department of Nurture for more information.

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