Ministry Overview

Established:  1988

Affiliated:  1988

Churches:  13

Members:  1,015 (2011)

Field Leader:  


Current Ministry

Ministries and activities of the Liberia Advent Christian Conference are varied and serve multiple populations surrounding its ten branches.

Building is an ongoing theme. The Buchanan AC church project is a joint venture with Hope AC Church in Chicago. The church foundation and structure are in place and roofed. In 2008 representatives from ACGC and Hope Church helped begin construction on a medical clinic at the same time. Furniture and doors are being prepared, ceiling work is going on, after which painting will be done. New church construction in other areas is also on the agenda.

Baptisms continually are celebrated as new believers are welcomed into the family. Six new converts were baptized in an inspiring climax to the 2011 annual convention.

Micro business loans have been distributed among the ten church branches. They are designed to help make members and churches self-reliant. Pastors are tasked with monitoring the use of the loans.

Youth and children’s ministries are popular in Liberia. Children are encouraged to attend the annual convention with their parents and participate in singing and Bible contests. After each conference, a soccer match is held between the host church and the visiting churches. This helps draw sports enthusiasts and has been a successful evangelizing tool, especially among youth.

Leader training and pastoral licensing is an important aspect of the Liberia Conference ministry. For the first time, pastors have been issued licenses. Completing an interview process, pastors receive credentials for a period of three years. Church officers are trained in written communication and transaction recording skills. Youth, women, and elderly members receive instruction in various areas including Christian marriage and the role of youth in the church.

Church planting, evangelizing, and training new leaders is the continual goal of President Korpue Paye. His Conference hopes to expand its abilities in these areas with improvements in communication, travel, and materials.

With the recent death (June 18, 2015) of Conference President Korpue Payee, this Conference is now being led by Vice President Moses B. Gbaa until a new president is elected.

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