Lifting the Silence (96-69)

Whereas   our convention speakers, be they at the morning devotions or evening expositors, have confronted us with the walls and obstacles that hinder our making of disciples; and

Whereas religious persecution is a major stumbling block to the propagation of the gospel as well documented by the National Association of Evangelicals’ statement of conscience released on January 23, 1996, and adopted at the National Association of Evangelicals convention on March 3, 1996, and testified unto by Martin J. Dannenfelser before the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights on February 15, 1996; and

Whereas in the Sudan, particularly but also in other Islamic controlled countries, the persecution of Christians has reached unprecedented severity.

Therefore Be It Resolved that as our brother’s keeper before God we pledge ourselves to cease being silent in the face of those being persecuted for their religious faith, and

Be It Further Resolved that Advent Christians encourage our elected representatives to take a strong stand against any nation that permits and lets the persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters residing in that nation, and

Be It Further Resolved that this delegate body stand together in affirmation of our persecuted brethren while prayer on their behalf is offered by brother Frank Jewett.

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