Ministry Overview

Established:  1999

Affiliated:  2002

Churches:  55

Members:  2,307 (2011)

Field Leader:  Samuel Sosono


Current Ministry

At the end of 2010, the Malawi/Mozambique Advent Christian Conference* was home to 55 churches and preaching stations and 3,241 members.

Conference President Samuel Sosono was elected to office in 2006 after the death of his brother, Paul Sosono, who founded the Malawi/Mozambique AC Conference.

Pastor Samuel and his leaders are hard at work for the Lord evangelizing, planting churches and welcoming independent churches into the fold.

Alongside their current programs our AC Conference leaders use audio Bibles, donated by Faith Comes by Hearing and delivered by our mission team.  Bible listening clubs are attracting new people to youth groups and churches as a result.

The Department of World Outreach is eager to work with the Malawi/Mozambique AC Conference in pastoral training. In autumn 2010, World Outreach sponsored a mission team to conduct Bible training workshops for our pastors.  Additionally, we are experimenting in other conferences with small business development grants to support a more independent and self-sufficient economy among African families.

Sadly, the people of this area have an ongoing struggle with famine.  Malawi’s Nsanje district and northern Mozambique is semi arid. The staple of their diet is corn, and now the Malawi government is introducing more drought-resistant cassava as a new starchy staple into their culture and diet. Our Malawi and Mozambique churches serve as distribution points of famine relief for their members and neighbors.

There are as many as 50,000 orphans in the area served by our Conference.  Pastor Samuel and his pastors are struggling to know how to help, as are we at Advent Christian General Conference.

UPDATE: In June 2011, the AC General Conference voted Mozambique as an official Conference. Malawi and Mozambique are now separate Conferences.

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