Ministry Overview

Established:  1956

Affiliated:  1958 - 1973;
Reopened:  1987

Churches:  34

Members:  1,200

Field Leader:  Miguel Mena Arellano


Current Ministry

Conference President Miguel Mena Arellano oversees a vibrant and growing conference, peopled by dedicated and willing servants of God. The exciting growth in membership and number of churches they are witnessing is exceeded only by the spiritual growth and maturity that is the fruit of their ministries.

Primarily located on the Baja Peninsula in western Mexico, Advent Christian churches are found in La Paz, Ensenada, Tijuana, and Tecate. These locations have sprouted church plants in Isla de Guadalupe and Isla Navidad (both off the coast of Guerrero Negro), San Miguel, Sonora, Monte de Sion, La Paz, and Ensenada.

Twenty registered and two affiliated pastors shepherd these twenty churches and three church outreaches, showing the great need for more pastors and lay leaders.

Besides pastoral ministry, these men and women of God serve their communities in other ways:

  • Community Feeding Programs – four in Ensenada, one in Tijuana
  • Half-way Houses – four in Ensenada
  • Men’s Rehabilitation Centers – three in Ensenada
  • Women’s Rehabilitation Centers – one in Ensenada (led by Lupita Flores)
  • Instituto Biblico Jerico – training institute established in 2009, equipping our pastors Biblically for their ministries
  • Vacation Bible School – a five day programat Eglesia Emaus, our Tecate church pastored by Miguel Mena Arellano, attended by 70 children in 2011

Short-term ministry and work teams visit regularly from churches around North America, helping build and repair churches and parsonages, meeting the children and participating in their programs, and most of all, joining voices in song and worship with their brothers and sisters in Mexico.

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