100_6517-001cropjeffThrough the Department of International Missions, ACGC facilitates a growing worldwide network of Advent Christian ministries. Outside of the U.S. and Canada, there are nineteen Advent Christian conferences throughout Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa. In addition to the relationships with these nineteen conferences, we also partner with Advent Christian ministries such as Cristo Salva (Honduras), Oro Bible College (the Philippines), Agape House Ministries (worldwide), the Christian Mission (Thailand) and more. We seek to fulfill the Great Commission by developing strategic ministry relationships with these conferences and ministries and by pioneering new works as the Lord leads. If you are interested in learning more or if you would like information about becoming an ACGC missionary, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jeff Walsh
Director of International Missions


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Prayer Focus: Thailand – Christian Mission Naratchakwai

The leadership from Christian Mission Naratchakwai, Thailand thanks God for your blessing for Christian Mission Naratchakwai in the recent years. We thank you God for blessing us, and for planning everything for us. Whether it is the ministry activities or worshiping God every Sunday, everything has gone well. The love of God helps us to be strong and happy to continue the church. We worship together every weekend, Pastor Boontaa preaches and leads us in communion together, we enjoy fellowship at the meal table together, study English and play games with the children. We travelled to some poor villages to serve Soup of Love (every month) and give some presents to the elderly and children. We are reaching out to other villages that we have never gone to before and that is amazing!

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Africa/Europe Area Director

Bryce Whiting
523 West St.
Bristol, CT  06010

South Africa

Latin America

Latin America Area Director

Gilberts-finalJohn Gilbert
233 Paulin Avenue
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