The Philippine Advent Christian Conference, Inc. (PACCI) implemented a new ministry - EVANGELISTIC TOUR 2018. This ministry has been developed to be an arm for the PACCI's Vision "20/20."
In 2012, the PACCI decided they would work toward reaching a goal of 20,000 disciple-makers by the year 2020. Thus, the PACCI's vision became known as "20/20." The Conference has worked diligently through churches to create cell groups that teach others to become disciples. When the participants reach a certain number, they divide making more cell groups. The training and discipling received in the cell groups would produce disciples that would in turn disciple others. 
To continue to reach the goal of 20,000 disciples by 2020, the PACCI has now began an Evangelistic Tour 2018. Since PACCI's primary thrust has been directed towards producing new disciples, each church is encouraged to send participants to represent several auxiliary groups. During the summer, at least 20 delegates are expected to attend. They will undergo a two-day training on evangelism and leading a small group. Once the training is completed, they will be placed in one of the two different areas that have been determined by the Vision 20/20 Committee.
The purpose of this training is to promote personal, spiritual and ministerial development of the participants and to assist in the growth of the local churches by making contacts and increasing the membership through Bible study. 
Evangelistic Tour 2018 is a sports evangelism ministry, consisting of a mini basketball league that the committee will hold at Claveria, Misamis Oriental and Maramag, Bukidnon. For our basketball enthusiasts in the area, this is a chance for them to play and to hear the gospel of the kingdom. A minimum of four basketball teams, composed of unbelievers, will be organized. Each member on the team is required to fulfill the evangelism and discipleship materials. They are not permitted to participate in the basketball league if they are not able to fulfill the "question and answer question" booklet, which leads each participant to establish a relationship with the Lord. 
By forming a basketball league, each disciple will be able to establish a vibrant lifestyle as a witness (Matthew 5:16) and will be able to grow in their faith through discipleship to others. The disciple will guide the participants to establish a strong foundation in their local church where they will begin a walk with Christ.
This ministry program will lead the disciple to embrace God's global vision to reach the nations through going, praying and mobilizing. Each participant will be invited to participate in a new Bible study.
The new ministry was launched on April 9 - 21, 2018 in two specific areas. Twelve participants from local churches came for a training conducted in Claveria, Misamis Oriental. 
This program is expected to become a pattern in which the district or group of local churches may host an event.
Photos below show the actual ministering of the team.
The host pastor, Jedno Pabayo, got busy leading the young people in establishing a relationship with the Lord Jesus. These are potential candidates for Bible study and may become disciples that will be able to conduct cell groups (small ministry groups). (Left)
These two young ladies represent their local churches. They were among those who volunteered to undergo a two-day training on witnessing and cell group leading. Now, they put the principles they learned into practical ministering. (Right)

This guy has just recently been involved in the ministry, but is now bold enough to share the life he has in the Lord to other young people. (Above)

  • Pray for more volunteers from the local churches and young people in the target communities to participate in this ministry program.
  • Pray for more church leaders to commit in disciple-making to further enhance the realization of PACCI Vision 20/20.
  • Pray for wisdom as we prepare for an Annual Conference (General Assembly) in May 22 - 25, 2018.
  • Pray for God's provision as PACCI needs a vehicle to use during the 2018 Evangelistic Tour and other ministry programs.