Mission Statement

The ACGC Office of Kids’ Ministry exists to encourage, equip and empower the local church by discipling Kids’ Ministry leaders for maximum impact.

Guiding Principles: “HANDS”

We believe that a healthy kids’ ministry…

Honors God’s Word

God’s Word is essential to the Christian life and to any ministry that calls itself “Christian.” It is one of our key connections to God’s plan for mankind and one of our key resources for growing in our knowledge and understanding of our Creator. As such, we believe that God’s Word must find itself as a centerpiece in any healthy kids’ ministry.

Applies Creativity

Creativity is a key element to any ministry to kids. Exploring new and exciting ways to make God’s Word come alive to kids can be a key component to leading them toward a relationship with Jesus. Conversely, a lack of creativity can stifle a child’s growth and cause a lack of interest in the transformation offered through Jesus. As such, we believe that a healthy kids’ ministry must apply creativity and explore age appropriate ways to communicate the message of the gospel.

Nurtures Relationships

During Jesus’s time on earth, one of the biggest things he did was to spend time building relationships with the people around him. Relationships are vital to gospel ministry. In this age, where kids are often neglected and lack good role models, it has never been more important for kids to have strong relationships with strong Christian adults. As such, we believe that a healthy kids’ ministry must place a high priority on kingdom-driven relationships, as they are essential to a child’s spiritual formation.

Develops Disciples

The Great Commission tells us to “go and make disciples.” (Matt. 28:19) As a result, the development of new disciples remains, as it has always been, the central call of the Christian church. We believe that a healthy kids’ ministry embraces that call and invests time in developing true disciples out of the children God has entrusted to us.

Serves Others

Both Jesus and His early followers have left behind a legacy of service for us to follow. This was a pattern embodied by Jesus in His washing of the disciples’ feet and has continued down through the ages. Serving others can also be one of the most impactful ways to share Christ’s love in this world. As a result, we believe that a healthy kids’ ministry not only serves kids and teaches them to serve, but provides opportunities for service to be modeled to the kids within it.


Together, these principles spell out the acronym “HANDS,” serving as a reminder that a healthy Kids’ Ministry requires many hands to lead a child to Christ.

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