(Student Ministry Commission L-R, Jed Crouse, Matt Larkin, Lana Jernigan, Bill Millinor & Andrew Blackstone)


Matt Larkin (Coordinator of Student & Kids’ Ministries)

Matt Larkin serves as the Coordinator of Student & Kids’ Ministries at Advent Christian General Conference. As part of that role, he is responsible for our services to youth ministry leaders and college students, as well as for oversight of the Student Ministry Commission. He has a BA in Pastoral Ministry and a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Prior to coming to ACGC he served as the pastor of Longs Grove AC Church and served as a youth pastor at Lone Star AC Church and Highland Cliff AC Church. He has also served in various roles in camp ministry for more than 15 years. Matt lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Beth Ann.

Lana Jernigan (Chair)

Lana Jernigan serves as the chairperson of the Student Ministry Commission. She is the mother of two grown sons, Ryan and Ross. She is a graduate of Berkshire Christian College. She serves at Camp Dixie as the Director of Ministry and as the Director of Student Ministries for the AC Conference of Eastern NC.

Andrew Blackstone

Andrew Blackstone is the Student Ministry Pastor at State Road Church in Presque Isle, Maine. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Maine and attended the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies receiving a one year biblical certificate.  From 2004-2009 he worked in the IT sector as a systems administrator before moving to the energy sector in 2009. During those years, he served as a volunteer youth worker at Hope Church (Lenox, MA) and Dunntown AC Church (ME). Andrew serves at State Road, alongside his wife Jessica, daughter Elsyia and son Grayson.

Jed Crouse

Jed is in his 10th year of ministry at New Life Community Advent Christian Church in Baraboo where he is the undefeated champion of Mario Cart 64, Self-proclaimed chaplain of Circus World, and unworthy husband and father to his beautiful wife Traci, and goofy son Andrew. He holds a degree in youth ministry from  Bethel College and fills his calendar working on his Doctorate of Humility, leading student ministries, teaching clowning, juggling, and magic, and planning and speaking at camps and retreats.

Bill Millinor                         

Bill is a graduate of Berkshire Christian College and Catawba Valley Community College.  He is Associate Pastor of Student Ministry at Fellowship Advent Christian Church, serves as Director of Student Ministry for the Appalachian Region and serves on the Piedmont Advent Christian Conference Youth Board.  He is married to Wendi and has one son, Elliott.