News From Our Churches – February 14, 2018

                          Mentoring Seminar

The Mentorship Training

On January 20-24, Advent Christian leaders (pastors, youth workers, and children’s workers and women’s auxiliaries representatives) attended a seminar training at Horeb Center in Lubumbashi on Christian leaders’ mentoring of the youth. The training facilitated by Pastor Bertin Mwanya, DRC Advent Christian conference president, attracted a few people outside the Advent Christian denomination, including Bishop Celestin Musa from the Lutheran Church.

A number of topics were taught, including the characteristics of a godly leader, the role of the leader in and outside the church, completion and not competition in God’s work, acknowledgment of his/her own weaknesses before God, working as a team, etc. This event has provided much encouragement to our local Advent Christian churches.

The seminar emphasized Christian leaders’ training and leading of the younger leaders in preparation for a successful ministry in the church. Often mature leaders do not want to train the younger leaders, nor are they willing to pass the baton to them. The example of Paul’s mentoring of Timothy has been a touching testimony for the leaders.

As an AC conference, we need to express our gratitude to the local Advent Christian churches for their generous support for the copying, printing and bookbinding of the copies of the materials distributed during the training. Our heartfelt acknowledgment of thankfulness goes towards the local Advent Christian churches and individuals who have contributed and provided food and drinks for the training, in addition to the transportation fares for attendees traveling distances outside the city of Lubumbashi.

                     AC Leaders During Seminar           Attendees Holding the Seminar Materials

Pastor Johnson Odoyo (Tanzania Conference Secretary) is grateful to the Lord for expanding his ministry into the public school system. He is now teaching Bible classes as well as physical education.

Pastor Johnson Odoyo’s Students

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