News From Our Churches – January 10, 2018


We recently received from the India office a detailed (28 pages) ministry report for 2017. A special thanks to mission staff member Devaraj and Mission Manager Immanuel for their hard work in gathering and reporting all the information. Over the next few weeks we hope to share with you some of the many ministry highlights from this report. We begin with the following:

The two conferences – ACCI (Advent Christian Conference of India) and FBHC (Fellowship of Blessed Hope Churches) report that among their approximately 120 churches and outreaches, they served 21,000 members and conducted nearly 1,200 baptisms in 2017; they minister in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Bihar.

Fifteen churches were planted in 2017. These continue to grow well. Newcomers are encouraged to stand firm in Christ and his teachings. Gospel meetings are conducted in these areas. Sunday services and other prayer meetings are held in rented places and in believers’ homes.


Recently, tropical storm Vinta swept through the island of Mindanao, Philippines, flooding parts of Cagayan de Oro. Nely Gamayon, Director of Oro Bible College, reports that the house of one faculty member’s family was flooded with six feet of water. They were safely evacuated, but all their things were badly damaged.

A second storm was predicted to hit Cagayan de Oro, but we have received word that it changed directions and made landfall far from the city without causing any harm.

Christian Mission Naratchakwai Ministry Leaders


Wipada Kaewbudtaa, the leader of Christian Mission Naratchakwai, writes the following:

Dear Advent Christian General Conference,

Greetings from Christian Mission, Thailand. We are a faith mission and our operation is based on what God provides for us by faith. Thank you everybody that helped us to get a chance to work for God another year.

Our church’s name is Christian Mission Naratchakwai, located in the Muang District of Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. Mr. Boontaa Puengpa is our pastor, and we have about 30 people who attend, 20 of whom are members. Last year, three people were baptized, including Ploy, Parn and Lita on April 6, 2017.

Thank you everybody who helped and supported Christian Mission. You let us have an opportunity to help others and work for God. God bless you all in 2018. Bless your life, your health, your family and everything. Thank you our brothers and sisters in the Lord who pray and supported us in 2017. Thank you for the scholarships to help many children get the opportunity to study, and thank you for the funds for every activity in 2017.


Wipada Kaewbudtaa