News From Our Churches – January 2, 2019


In partnership with Hannaford’s Grocery Stores, Stroudwater Christian Church in Portland, Maine recovers and distributes tons of food to the poor every week. It truly is an amazing and simple way to make a significant social footprint that sets the stage for the weekly presentation of the gospel. The church is well-known in the city for being caring, loving, accommodating and Christian! Folks of all nationalities (Portland is a self-declared “Sanctuary City”) are prayed for, loved on and encouraged by their weekly visits to our pantry and ministry team.

Doug Horner, our director of the Stroudwater Food Pantry was recently appointed to a position with the state of Maine serving on the Board of Hunger Relief. He does not give ground as he credits the success of our program to Christian values, Christian work ethic and the Lord Jesus Christ. A bit of a scare for Augusta politicians! However, our program has become a model for food recovery in the state!

2018 was an amazing year for your Stroudwater Food Pantry. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Families came to the pantry for groceries more than 2,500 times during the year.
  • In all, 65 tons of groceries were distributed, an equivalent to an estimated 325,000 meals provided to the meal insecure in the greater Portland area and across the state of Maine.
  • 164 complete turkey Thanksgiving dinners feeding over 656 individuals were provided to families who live below the poverty line in the greater Portland area.
  • On December 25, complete turkey Christmas dinners were transported to families in Princeton, Washington County and distributed feeding an estimated 200 people.

Submitted by Bill Chadwick

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