News From Our Churches – July 11, 2018


Pastor Joseph reports and shares with us his motto: “The Word for every creature” (Mark 16:15 -18).

Joseph carries out these words through his ministry activities.

Church Planting – S. (name withheld for security reasons) – a church planter of Joseph’s ministry, The Word Mission, and a graduate of The Word College – has been working since 2011 and is currently working with the Lahu tribes. These are people who believe in demons, but S. has been able to bring them to Christ. Many times, the chiefs have asked S. to leave their villages.

Orphans – An orphan at the age of three, Zacchaeus now lives with Pastor Joseph and is growing in faith. Joseph has given him the opportunity to learn about Christ and to receive an education.

Outreach – During the month of June 2018, Joseph has been in two places within the Maygone Division sharing the Word with those who have no news of Christ and have never heard the gospel. People in this area are devout Buddhists. Joseph was able to share the gospel with 69 people, and 35 accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

Home Cells – Joseph holds home cells three times a month and finds this ministry to be an effective way of reaching new people.

Future Plans

Joseph is currently working to build a new building to house the 75 orphans under his care. His current building project is a three-story building. He plans to build one story at a time.

As Joseph continues to teach and train church planters, it is his desire to find a way for these leaders to become self-supporting.

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