News From Our Churches – June 14, 2017

A student teaches a Bible class in one of the Advent Christian churches. Students teach in the churches in the city and province to minister to the local churches where they are assigned to do their ministry skills.


The following is from a recent report sent by Dr. Nely Gamayon, Director of Oro Bible College, to the Outreach office:

We would like to thank all our supporters in the Advent Christian Churches of America, the WHFMS and mission groups and the ACGC Central Office. We thank the Lord for your faithfulness in supporting us through prayer and finances. Your support goes a long way in the spread of the gospel as our students, faculty and staff preach, teach and minister though our program of ministry skills; our National Service Training Program; our children’s ministry of tutorials, values, Bible lessons and feeding activities; and our internship and promotional programs.

Thank you for sending aid through the AC World Relief program for the check-up and medicines of the faculty, staff and students during the recent flooding. Your help is a great encouragement to us at Oro Bible College, especially during a calamity.

                    Joey Enanoria

We are most thankful to God for one of our graduates, Joey Enanoria. He finally graduated from OBC after 15 years. In his second year at the Bible College, he met a young lady whom he married after one year. His wife was also a student and they both left OBC to start a family. But then his wife got sick, suffering from diabetes that she inherited from her parents. After two children were born, her condition worsened. They tried coming back to OBC to finish, but they had to stop. Last year, his wife died and Joey was left with two children to take care. We encouraged him to finish his internship and enroll in the second semester so he could graduate. Praise the Lord, even with all the trials he went through, finally Joey graduated. He now pastors a Baptist church in Talakag, Bukidnon.