News From Our Churches – March 15, 2017


Kimon and Chin Lee write:

Aloha once again from Honolulu!

We hope this finds you well and in good spirits. Thanks for all your encouragement and prayerful support. As an update, Kimon has been checking with several other possible facilities. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to attend the worship service at Ft. Derussy in Waikiki. It so happened on the second Sunday that they made an announcement about starting Bible studies and if anyone would be interested in leading them. So, Kimon volunteered and was offered the use of the chapel to hold a Bible study there during the week, which we are planning for Saturday mornings before heading to the radio station for the broadcast. Praise the Lord!

For the Bible study, we will be going through the book of Revelation. Kimon may also assist another retired chaplain who is doing a Bible study on Sundays after the regular chapel services. This is a wonderful opportunity since Ft. DeRussy is located in the midst of the most densely concentrated population of Honolulu, with several high-rise condominiums within easy walking distance. Many military personnel visiting from the mainland and staying at the nearby Hale Koa Hotel attend the Sunday worship services.

We have also increased our time slot from 30 minutes to one hour on KHPI, the radio station broadcast we do weekly each Saturday from 11 to noon. That station is focused primarily on the Filipino audience here, so it generally is a mix of English and Tagalog. Most Filipinos understand English perfectly well.According to the 2010 census, Filipinos are the largest ethnic group in Hawaii. The broadcast reaches pretty much the entire island of Oahu, but KPHI would not normally be the station of choice for non-Filipinos.

We hope, trust and pray that all of this has, nonetheless, been in God’s providence to bring us to Ft. DeRussy Chapel.

                AC Ladies Fellowship in DRC


Women’s Rights within the Church

Conference President Bertin N. Mwanya writes:

On Wednesday, March 8, the DRC Advent Christian Conference celebrated and participated in a day set aside for monitoring women’s rights. This day has been restored through the United Nations and is celebrated throughout the world as an international day. A meeting was held at Horeb Christian Center in Lubumbashi by the board of the DRC Advent Christian Conference Ladies’ Auxiliaries Department with the ladies in charge of women’s ministry within the Lubumbashi district Advent Christian churches. The speaker, Mr. Simon Kalunga, is in charge of advocacy of women’s rights promotion at the Ministry of Gender, Family and Kids Department of the DRC. Mr. Kalunga listed a number of rights women now have without discrimination of gender: the right to have a job, a salary, an education, etc.It was voted to eradicate discrimination on women and allow them to study, apply for jobs and to work based solely on their education as well as their skills.

As far as ministry, I (Bertin) represent the DRC Advent Christian Conference Board in encouraging Advent Christian ladies to participate in church ministry equally with men, encouraging Advent Christian ladies to study for ministry and work in roles that were originally held by men, such as pastoring. I am working with a couple of Advent Christian ladies who are serving as local pastors, and want the ministry to be open to both men and women who feel called by God through the Holy Spirit and are qualified to lead a church or a service within the local church.

The DRC Board has set aside a week (March 13 – 19) to emphasize the importance of women in church ministry during their church gatherings, worship services and especially during the ladies fellowship group held on Thursday. During this time, the AC ladies within the local AC churches will reflect on ladies who have played a major role in leadership or assisted in a role within the church, and will envision ways to empower women in their community. The meeting will conclude in fun with gospel songs, drama and food.