News From Our Churches – September 13, 2017

                      Bread of Life Program


Last Tuesday, the menu was lentil soup with hot dogs and pineapple-flavored drinks at the daily community kitchen ran by the “Torre de Salvacion” church in Zorillo (Ensenada). The program is one of the locations supported by the “Bread of Life” program. The happy faces of the children in school uniforms are a sure way of saying thanks to everyone that makes this, and others programs, possible.


Conference President Efren Miranda reports:

Efren Miranda

The war between the government’s troops and the Mautes is still on. Though, a recent report said the enemies are now confined within 500 meter radius. The situation is now getting better, but the military still advises the residents in Iligan to be more vigilant as the terrorists are expected to conduct counter attacks as they are believed to have inflicted and saturated in places other than Marawi.

The war has affected in the adjustment of church activities here in Iligan City, because the government has implemented a 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew. Until now, conducting activities during the night is strictly prohibited. Conducting outings, fellowships and baptisms is limited to places where the military approves. The war has also affected the livelihood of church members in Iligan, who were employed in Marawi City. Since it broke out, they have been prohibited to go back to the area and it is now totally damaged. There are no casualties reported in terms of lives from our church members so far.

Reports also said there are citings of Communist insurgents observed in the rural areas of Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon. Meaning situations in these areas are unstable.