From ACGC – November 14, 2018

This past weekend, I had the privilege of going back to a church that holds many great memories for me, having grown up in the Georgia Conference. Bethlehem Advent Christian Church and First Advent Christian Church and the youth, children, adults and pastors were special to the work of the Georgia Conference youth and overall ministry. I was invited to join in Bethlehem’s celebration of Family and Friends Day.

News From Our Churches – November 14, 2018


An ordination service was held for Rev. Josh Alves at the Bangor Advent Christian Church on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Rev. Alves’ ordination was attended by family, special friends, members and leaders of his home church (BACC) as well as the members of the Maine State Advent Christian Conference ministerial and executive committees. The Holy Spirit was especially present. As his first official act as a reverend, Josh served Communion assisted by his wife Amy, Rev. Tim Soucy (pastor at Bangor ACC) and his wife Julie. Currently, Josh is the worship leader at BACC. Both Amy and he look forward to many years of service in the Advent Christian Church.

International Missions – November 14, 2018

                       With Global Prestasi School Staff

News from Agape House Ministry Director Rowena Cabrizos

Trip to Indonesia

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Our trip to Indonesia was a great success by the grace of God! We arrived in Jakarta on October 7 almost at midnight.

Below is the list of highlights of our travel in Jakarta:

Global Prestasi School (elementary, junior and senior high). This school visit involved coordinating and establishing possible connections that may give an opening for ministry opportunities. On the first day (October 8), Director of International Missions Jeff Walsh and I were able to visit the school in the afternoon. We met with the heads of the school and Jeff was given a quick tour of the campus. We also had a brief meeting concerning the possibility of English-speaking interns coming from the Philippines.

From ACGC – November 7, 2018

Last week I stayed around the house to take care of my wife Karen after she had surgery on her eyes. She did great and our church family, neighbors and family all supported us through the week. I have a great concern for those who take care of loved ones with long-term illnesses and don’t have supportive friends or family to help along the way. We are blessed in so many ways through our relationships with work, church, family and community. I was reminded this week about those who don’t have that support. Even as a pastor away from my family, we were blessed with loving churches that filled our lives with love. As God’s family, we should watch out for those in our churches, neighborhoods, workplaces and even within our own families, and be ready to fill the gap. These opportunities of showing God’s love to people is what ministry and mission is all about.