From ACGC – July 19, 2017

                     Steve Lawson

By now most of you have heard of the action taken at Triennial Conference to reverse the adopting of Article XII and adding it to the Declaration of Principles. This action in no way lessens the need to support our pastors and churches in standing firm on the biblical view of marriage and human sexuality. The action taken by the Executive Council was based on the guidelines found in the Executive Council Manual as it currently stands. The issue came when researching another issue; we found an action taken by the Triennial delegate body of 1981 that created the process previously found in the Executive Council Manual. The fact that this was done by the delegate body brought into question the power of the Executive Council to change the process and allow us to move forward with Article XII. Since in our research we could not find when or why this was put in the Executive Council Manual, it was decided to reverse our action and establish an “Enduring Resolution” stating our view on human sexuality to give support to our pastors, churches and associate members.

News From Our Churches – July 19, 2017

Conference President Jean-Claude Dorsainvil


News reported by the Haiti Conference:

There are three groups of bandits who wanted to take up a lot of the ground purchased by the Haiti AC Conference. These armed bandits accused Conference President Jean-Claude of taking their parents’ land, but the bandits were unable to present to the Peace Court and the Public Prosecutor any paper as a supporting document.

Announcements & Upcoming Events – July 19, 2017

eBerkshire Course Offering

Interested in taking a college-level course but don’t have the finances or the time to attend on campus? Berkshire Christian has the answer!

Our Gift to You!

Advent Christian people have faithfully supported the college, and we want to give something back to you. For a limited time we are offering one fully-scholarshipped course to people serving in a local Advent Christian church as a pastor, assistant pastor, youth minister or music minister. We want you to know firsthand what others have already experienced. eBerkshire is a resource you will enjoy and once you have taken a course, we are convinced you will encourage others to do the same! For more information, click here.


World Outreach – July 19, 2017


CIT Debrief Retreat

This week, Penny and I have travelled to Union Mills, North Carolina, and are participating in a Debrief Retreat at the Center for Intercultural Training. The Center usually prepares missionaries for entry into new cultures, but the Debrief Retreat has a different purpose. The Debrief Retreat is for missionaries who are coming back “home.” I (Jefferson Vann) put “home” in quotation marks because the return from the field is a traumatic, anxiety-ridden experience for many of us. It often feels like anything but coming home. We face the pain of loss and grief over the friends and ministries we are leaving. We face uncertainty about the future. We have to deal with anger, disappointment and resentment. We need help unpacking all the emotional baggage.

Student & Family Ministries – July 19, 2017

                 Matt Larkin

Resource Center Services

It’s mid-July and camp season is most certainly in full swing. Here in the Department of Student & Family Ministries, we’ve got mostly camp on the brain. Both Meredith and I have been involved with camp over the last couple of weeks, and many folks around our denomination have been working in some capacity to serve students and families at local Advent Christian camps through the months of June and July. However, that’s certainly not all that’s going on in the department as we work to serve you in your disciple-making efforts.