From ACGC – December 12, 2018

It’s nice to finally be home after a 10-day trip that took me from New England to Thailand. Jeff and I left last Monday for Thailand to have meeting with Ernie Schache and Immanuel concerning our mission work in India. It was great to hear about how God continues to work in our churches in India, and also about the opportunities to reach out to the many unreached people groups throughout the country. After a few days of meetings in Bangkok, we traveled to Christian Mission Naratchakwai in Nakhon Phanom. This was my first visit to Thailand and it was great to meet Maeo and the five girls that minister through the mission.

News From Our Churches – December 12, 2018


Hello from Central AC Church! We had to cancel Sunday services due to snow, but we had a couple outings the day or so before. Pastor Gene took a group of youth to the Live Nativity and Bethlehem Market and dinner at Wendy’s, on December 6th, in Covington … a chilly wagon ride, but everyone had a good time! On Saturday, December 8th, the Senior Servants had their annual Christmas dinner, traveling to The Natural Bridge Hotel, near Lexington.

From ACGC – December 5, 2018

                            Darren Bantz

As I write this, Jeff Walsh and I are in Logan International Airport waiting to go to Thailand. It will be a long week with a variety of meetings plus an opportunity to see our work there.

I participated in the Alton Bay board meetings on Saturday, and was able to meet with Darren Bantz on Friday and Sunday afternoon. My time with Darren focused both on our partnership with Oxford Church in Leadership Development and Darren’s ongoing work in our Home Missions relationship with Converge. While in the area, I also had time with Matt Larkin, who gave updates on Leadership Development – which continues to be an exciting part of the strategic plan. It has unfolded very differently from our initial thoughts, but God’s hand has been seen in each step opening doors and closing them. I also received updates from Beth Larkin on Women’s Ministry and how the move to Maine has presented new opportunities for ministering to women. She and Karen Hall continue to work closely on WHFMS programs and communication.

News From Our Churches – December 5, 2018


Aurora University students helped to decorate the Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action for the Christmas season. The Wackerlin Center will host a study night for students preparing for final exams, with homemade treats provided by the Aurora Advent Christian Church.