From ACGC – March 14, 2018

                    Steve Lawson

This past week, I participated in the National Association of Evangelicals board meetings in Wheaton, Ill. at Wheaton College. Along with the meetings was an “NAE Talk on Understanding Islam in America.” This was a great opportunity to connect with other denominational leaders on the NAE board and to hear some great speakers about our relationship and ministry with the Islamic community. While I was in the Chicago area, I had the privilege of connecting with Superintendent Bill Norwood and other pastors, and I was pleased to worship at Aurora AC Church. I always enjoy connecting with our AC pastors and congregations when I travel.

News From Our Churches – March 14, 2018

Our leader in Croatia is suffering ill health. Since early February, he has been struggling, beginning with a severe cold and flu. During this time, the valves of his heart were affected causing vertigo, weakness and shortness of breath. He is sleeping more these days and has gained 33 pounds in just one month. The cardiologist reports that the valves of his heart have been seriously damaged and may require surgery.

Our conference president in Liberia, Moses Gbaa, has been sick for a very long time. He left the city and went to an area where there wasn’t any internet connection.

He reports to us last week, “The Almighty God is so great. I think by the grace of God I am okay now and ready again to work for our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Announcements & Upcoming Events – March 14, 2018


ECFA’s two popular annual tax guides are now available on You are welcome to share the following link and instructions directly with your church:
Follow the three steps below to access your FREE eBooks: Ministers’ Taxes Made Easy and Church Reporting Made Easy.

1. Sign in to ECFA’s FREE resource community at
2. Click the “Electronic Tax Guides” icon on the dashboard.
3. Download your tax guides.

International Missions – March 14, 2018

News from our Director of International Missions

Penny Crusade 2018: Places, People and Purpose

Penny Crusade is the major funding source for our International Missions ministries. Over the next three weeks, I’ll be spotlighting the 2018 Penny Crusade program by focusing on three “P”s: places, people and purpose.

Jesus inaugurated a geographically expanding kingdom (Matthew 24:14; Acts 1:8). The part of God’s kingdom calling itself Advent Christian is today truly global in scope. Advent Christian ministries exist in North America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. For Advent Christian churches in the United States and Canada, Penny Crusade is a key way we unite in the work of spreading the gospel. One way of looking at the impact of Penny Crusade is to see the places that “receive” Penny Crusade money either directly or indirectly. You can get a snapshot of this by viewing the map here

Resource Center – March 14, 2018

Resource Center:
Christianity Explored: A Video-Based Evangelism Tool for New Believers

Christianity Explored is a time-tested, valuable evangelism tool that has been updated and repackaged to reach a new generation of believers. “Focused on the person of Jesus, his identity and mission, this gospel-saturated material urges unbelievers to answer his call, take up their cross and follow him” (

This short interactive video series, based on the gospel of Mark, lasts for seven weeks. Flexible for all formats; it can be used in a large church setting, a small group or even a one-on-one discipleship meeting. These video sessions can be downloaded to your laptop, iPad or smartphone for easy viewing.