Announcements & Upcoming Events – June 13, 2018


In 1868, there were discussions of starting a church. Two years later, the Willsey property was bought (where the church building now stands). The church was built in 1877 and dedicated in 1878 with 95% of the cost paid. In the summer of 1877, revival services were held in a 50-foot round tent to help pay for expenses. The first pastor was John Ridley, who served there until 1901. Twenty-five other pastors also served, but the church ended up closing in 1964.

In 1997, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Park & Museum purchased the church. Laura did not attend, but would have walked by it many times in the years she lived in Burr Oak (1876-1877).

Over the last few years, the AC church building has been restored. It is now available as a setting for weddings, reunions, meetings, or other special events and tours. The church will be open Saturday, June 23, 2018 (LAURA DAYS) in the afternoon. For more information, you may contact the museum at 563-735-5916 or visit them online at

International Missions – June 13, 2018

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

Prayers in Africa

In Africa, regular communication with God is taken very seriously. In a few countries, the weekly church service is commonly referred to as “prayers.” Instead of asking, “Are you coming to church this week?” They may say, “Are you coming for prayers?”

We received a recent e-mail from the Nigeria AC Conference: “Do you have some prayer topics for us to pray about for you and ACGC? Please send them to us. We will be having a two-day fasting and prayer conference from Wednesday to Thursday this week.” It is not often we receive a request like this. To answer was a refreshing pleasure.

Resource Center – June 13, 2018

We wanted to let you know that we have partnered with RightNow Media, which is like a Christian Netflix for churches. On this resource are over 250 Christian publishers and thousands of Bible studies; marriage, parenting and discipleship resources; online training; kid’s cartoons/discipleship and much more! There are over 18,000 churches who partner with RightNow Media.

Through ACGC, your church can receive access to this resource for $30 per month. This is a huge discount that you cannot get anywhere else. This low price gives unlimited access to every person in your church family. RightNow Media will assist you in sending an invitation to every person in your church to set up their free personal accounts. We want you to continue to equip your families, resource your groups, and develop your leaders, and RightNow Media is one big way you can do that.

To find out more about RightNow Media, click here:

For church signups, e-mail

Payment for this special offer is due before July 31, 2018.

From ACGC – June 6, 2018

               Steve Lawson

Well, last week was not at all what I expected. I was out all week battling a kidney stone. So far it is winning, but God’s got this, and in the end, it will be destroyed.

As I was home, I had time to think about how we are continuing to reach out and minister to our churches, conferences and regions.

News From Our Churches – June 6, 2018


Vacation Bible School

The Advent Christian Conference of India’s church at Guindy, next door to the Yesuway Jeevan Mission Compound, held its VBS the last week of April. One hundred and fifty children attended. Fifteen teachers and 25 volunteers were on hand to teach and assist the children and to prepare meals and snacks for them. The lessons were based on the topic “REJOICE!”.