From ACGC – May 17, 2017

We are fast approaching our deadlines for Triennial Conference, deadlines for registrations, reports, plans and hotel confirmations. All of this causes us to get very serious about getting everything in order, HAVE YOU? If you have not registered and gotten your hotel reservation in place you need to do that ASAP so we can make sure everything is set for a great convention. Please go online at and register, or call ACGC at 1-800-676-0694 so you will be set for attending.

This past week I had the privilege of visiting another of our associate members, Advent Christian Village. I serve on that board as part of my position at ACGC, and it is exciting to see all that is going on at the Village. It is also a pleasure to see friends from our time at Bixler Memorial Church, along with former missionaries, pastors and Advent Christian leaders who now call the ACV home.

News From Our Churches – May 17, 2017



Conference President Bertin Mwanya reports:

The DRC Conference developed a children’s program several years ago to answer the call of loving the needy children and to give them a brighter future. The program desires to make the children followers of Christ by grounding them in the Word of God by providing them with spiritual food and also a meal (to meet their physical need), hoping to see them become disciples of Christ and possibly become future leaders in the church.

Announcements & Upcoming Events – May 17, 2017

             William Miller Chapel

Adventist Heritage Service

The annual Adventist Heritage Service will be held Sunday, June 18 at 4:00 p.m. As always, this event will be held at the William Miller Chapel in Low Hampton, N.Y. Everyone is invited to attend. 

World Outreach – May 17, 2017

News from our Asia/Pacific Area Directors Jefferson and Penny Vann

A Course to Teach

For the past two weeks, I (Jeff Vann) have had the thrill of teaching a special class at Oro Bible College (OBC) in the Philippines. The class is called MS32 Church Administration and Leadership. It combined students from the Bible College with businessmen and pastors from the city of Cagayan de Oro’s evangelical minister’s association (COEMA). I used material that I had taught elsewhere over the past few years, but the core 12 lessons for the course came from the church leadership resource that we originally taught in Africa. Penny and I were given permission to adapt this course book for the Philippines. The students found that the instruction and case studies of the book were well suited for the Philippine context. One of the projects for the course was translating the entire 100-page book into Cebuano, so the course can be published and used in the Philippines. The students did the translating as a team.

Student & Family Ministries – May 17, 2017

Resource Center: A Family Devotional Guide that is Actually Working

My husband and I have failed miserably with our family devotionals for our elementary-aged kids. The books we’ve used have been either too cheesy or too deep. We are all too familiar with the glazed-over effect and even the devotional-inspired meltdown. There have been times when we powered through for a while, but nothing has lasted long enough to make a difference. No one, including us parents, were getting much from the exercise. This really frustrated us both. My heart would cry, “This is Jesus! This isn’t supposed to be boring! This should be the most exciting and encouraging part of our day!”

Recently I stumbled across “Long Story Short (Volume 1),” a 10 minute devotional book written to explain God’s plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation, by Marty Machowski. The amazon reviews were raving, but I wanted to check it out for myself to see if maybe, just maybe, this one would work. I downloaded the kindle version for $9.99, about half the cost of the print version. It seemed a bit pricey but the endorsements by C.J. Mahaney and Al Moehler sealed the deal.