News From Our Churches – February 14, 2018

                          Mentoring Seminar

The Mentorship Training

On January 20-24, Advent Christian leaders (pastors, youth workers, and children’s workers and women’s auxiliaries representatives) attended a seminar training at Horeb Center in Lubumbashi on Christian leaders’ mentoring of the youth. The training facilitated by Pastor Bertin Mwanya, DRC Advent Christian conference president, attracted a few people outside the Advent Christian denomination, including Bishop Celestin Musa from the Lutheran Church.

Announcements & Upcoming Events – February 14, 2018


ECFA’s two popular annual tax guides are now available on You are welcome to share the following link and instructions directly with your church:
Follow the three steps below to access your FREE eBooks: Ministers’ Taxes Made Easy and Church Reporting Made Easy.

1. Sign in to ECFA’s FREE resource community at
2. Click the “Electronic Tax Guides” icon on the dashboard.
3. Download your tax guides.

World Outreach – February 14, 2018

News from the Department of World Outreach


My husband, Jeff (Director of World Outreach), recently had work-related things to accomplish in Orlando, Fla., and to make it easier for him in a number of ways, three of our sons and I went along. Being a very practical person, I thought it would be all about taking care of everyone’s needs while Jeff attended meetings for four days, and then zipping down to Miami for church on Sunday. The four days went as I had expected, but the zipping part turned out to be so much more!

Student & Family Ministries – February 14, 2018

Resource Center: Showing Love with Safe Touch

Church, the physical place where the body of Christ gathers, should be an emotionally and physically safe place for children. As Christ-followers, we must work diligently to follow safe practices when interacting with and caring for minors. Today, I’m sharing a link to a Darkness to Light video called “Showing Non-Touch Warmth and Caring.” This short clip emphasizes the ways Sunday school teachers, youth pastors, pastors, church members and friends can show affection and concern without crossing physical boundaries.

From ACGC – February 7, 2018

                   Steve Lawson

I had the opportunity last week to meet with our area Advent Christian pastors for lunch and to answer questions about United Ministries and about other ministries of ACGC.

What is United Ministries?

United Ministries (UM) is a program of financial management that enables a distribution of funds to support the various ministries of the Advent Christian General Conference and its member regions. This program has been in effect for many years. Though it has been administered in different ways throughout its life, the following is the current method of distribution.