From ACGC – March 15, 2017

It is hard to believe that we are already well into the month of March in our new year. This month many churches around the denomination will start their Penny Crusade programs. However, churches may have their programs in whatever part of the year best fits their calendars. The importance of the program is not only to our Department of World Outreach, but also to local churches as they learn of and appreciate the ministries that are happening through our churches in the Advent Christian denomination.

News From Our Churches – March 15, 2017


Kimon and Chin Lee write:

Aloha once again from Honolulu!

We hope this finds you well and in good spirits. Thanks for all your encouragement and prayerful support. As an update, Kimon has been checking with several other possible facilities. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to attend the worship service at Ft. Derussy in Waikiki. It so happened on the second Sunday that they made an announcement about starting Bible studies and if anyone would be interested in leading them. So, Kimon volunteered and was offered the use of the chapel to hold a Bible study there during the week, which we are planning for Saturday mornings before heading to the radio station for the broadcast. Praise the Lord!

Announcements & Upcoming Events – March 15, 2017

The inland churches in the Eastern North Carolina Conference are invited to join a Missions Celebration Luncheon sponsored by ACGC Director of World Outreach Jeffrey Walsh. The celebration will be held on Thursday, March 23, 2017 from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 Holt Lake Bar-B-Que, 3506 Hwy. 301 S., Smithfield, N.C. A free lunch will be provided.

The guest speaker will be Dr. Cynthia Lee from Dunn, NC. Cynthia has traveled to several of our mission fields providing medical clinics for our AC brothers and sisters.

If you are part of one of the inland churches in North Carolina and would like to join the mission celebration, please let your pastor know of your interest or contact Trena in the ACGC Outreach Office by e-mail or phone –, 800-676-0694, ext. 211. Seating is limited, so please RSVP through your pastor or the Outreach Office.

World Outreach – March 15, 2017

            Jeff Walsh

News from our World Outreach Director Jeffrey Walsh

It’s a familiar conversation in churches. You want to give to missions, but you have questions about how your gift is actually going to be used. For example, if a giver wants the gift to be used for sharing the gospel among street people in Timbuktu, he doesn’t want a good portion of the gift to be used for something else – say, a replacement computer for the finance office. To be sure, stewardship questions are right and necessary. Proper stewardship of resources is vital, whether you are a giver or a receiver. Without it, the giver and receiver don’t have a trusting relationship. But more importantly, our Lord commands good stewardship. So insisting on principles of good stewardship is the right thing to do.

Student & Family Ministries – March 15, 2017

FunShop participants trying a science experiment object lesson

Vacation Bible School excitement was high this past weekend, as several people gathered at Dulin’s Grove AC Church in Charlotte, North Carolina to take part in Group’s VBS FunShop for their 2017 Passport to Peru Cross-Cultural VBS program! Representatives from several churches from various denominations in the greater Charlotte area participated in this event co-hosted by ACGC and Dulin’s Grove.