News From Our Churches – April 11, 2018


News from United Christian Fellowship Church

Pastor “Buddy” Dowd reports:

“To God be the glory. This small church consisting of approximately 25 active members raised $5,225.80 for Penny Crusade 2018. The competition between the men and women was tight, but the women came out on top by raising $77.80 more than the men. The men will be planning a supper for the ladies in the future. No church is small when Christ is the head.”

Announcements & Upcoming Events – April 11, 2018


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International Missions – April 11, 2018

             Bryce Whiting

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


Few of our African pastors have any formal theological training, yet the optimist will argue that one’s dedicated personal study will allow him to firmly take the Bible in hand and grasp the essentials of the gospel. The challenge grows greater, however, when the pastor has no Bible study helps. How can a pastor “rightly divide the Word of truth” without Bible helps? Imagine preparing a sermon without concordances, commentaries, Bible encyclopedias, Bible dictionaries or any books written on the subject of interest.

From ACGC – April 4, 2018

This week, I will return to talking about the next department in our new strategic plan: the Department of International Missions. We have changed the name from World Outreach to specifically focus on the world beyond the United States and Canada, distinguishing from the Department of Home Missions, which I will write about in a future article.

Missions has always been an important part of the Advent Christian denomination, and to realize how far-reaching our denomination has become shows how God has blessed us in our ministry. Over the last few decades, missions has become much more focused on supporting the indigenous pastors and conference leaders whom we work with around the world. As we thought about ACGC’s focus touching areas that would be labeled “unreached people groups,” we thought about how to reach the hearts of the unsaved who have never heard about Jesus and have no real opportunity to hear. Only 27 percent of our missions’ funds go to support ministry in these areas and in areas that we already have mission contacts. Our percentage as Advent Christians compared to many other groups is much higher, but not nearly as focused as we need to be in reaching these specific areas of the world.

News From Our Churches – April 4, 2018

Conference President Bertin Mwanya reports:

Easter Celebration as a Sign of Unity

Advent Christians fellowshipping in the seven AC churches in Lubumbashi came together in the Paradise Advent Christian Church last Sunday, April 1. Well before this came together, all the pastors leading AC churches across the Democratic Republic of the Congo were instructed by the DRC Advent Christian Conference Board to run seminar training on Easter to acquaint worshipers with the value of this day as a Christian blueprint ceremony. Many of the pastors and leaders conducted the seminars on Wednesday, March 28 to Friday, March 30, 2018.