News From Our Churches – December 4, 2019

B. Balu Nayak

INDIA – YJM Ministry Partner
Pastor B. Balu Nayak

Pastor Balu Nayak is the leader of a ministry known as Balunayak Banjara Tribal Ministries based in the town of Mahabubabad in the state of Telangana, India. He is a member of the Banjara tribal community himself and ministers in two other areas besides Mahabubabad: Baluthanda and Salarthanda.

He heard the call of the Lord to this ministry 16 years ago and has been ministering the gospel and carrying out various social services for his people ever since. They originally had no buildings in any of their ministry areas and held open-air services under trees, in homes and occasionally in rented tents. They have subsequently built a small church building in Baluthanda and are slowly building a larger church and accommodation building in Mahabubabad.

Their church building at Baluthanda is already too small for the congregation, and Pastor Balu Nayak is thanking the Lord for that problem – but he has recently written to Mission Manager Immanuel about another issue they have:

Greetings to you in Jesus’ wonderful name.

Ayya [Sir], our Advent Christian Baluthanda Branch Church does not have drinking water. Our church is facing a lot of problems without drinking water for a long time here in Baluthanda Village.

Ayya, we need a bore well here in Baluthanda for the Advent Christian Church. I hope you will keep this in your prayers.

My family and I and our Advent Christian Baluthanda Branch Church are praying for you and ACGC International Missions. We are so proud of you and love you very much.

With Christian wonderful love and prayers,
Your beloved spiritual son in Christ,

Pastor B. Balu Nayak

Pastor Balu Nayak also wrote recently to Immanuel to say that he had received a further national award from the government of India for his social services in his state of Telangana. He has received several other similar awards during the past few years. He will receive this present award at a national conference to be held in India’s capital city New Delhi on December 8.

His letter to Mission Manager Immanuel reads, in part, as follows:

Greetings to you all in the most precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you all are well there at Chennai Tamil Nadu State.
By our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s grace and with yours and AC churches’ (USA) prayer and financial support, both our main and branch Advent Christian churches are growing very well.

Ayya, I would like to inform you of good news. I was selected for DR. B.R. AMBEDKAR NATIONAL FELLOWSHIP AWARD – 2019, regarding best social services. I will receive this national award at the national conference in New Delhi on December 8, 2019.

Ayya, especially through you and ACGC International Missions’ valuable regular financial support and guidance, I have continued to do more social charity work in our area in the Telangana State. That’s why I was selected for this national award. I am so thankful to you and ACGC International Missions’ lifelong support. I appreciate you and I am praying for you.

I hope you will bless me, and continue to pray and assist my social service requirements in Telangana State. Thank you very much for your regular financial support for social works here. Ayya, I am sending a few newspaper articles and pictures.

All glory to Jesus.
With Christian Love and prayers
Your Beloved and Loving Spiritual Son in Christ,
Pastor B. Balu Nayak

THAILAND – Christian Mission Naratchakwai (CMN)

Christian Mission Naratchakwai (CMN) held their Soup of Love ministry at the Ban Kham Pok School on November 25. Below are photos of the school children being served a healthy meal. Maeo and the girls (leadership team) worked to prepare the soup. Funding from the Bread of Life program helped sponsor their November Soup of Love.

During November, Russell Yoon, his wife Pohn and daughter Anda visited CMN. Russell taught English to the children and gave lessons on how to play the ukulele. Pohn bought a few Bibles to give away to family and friends.

                         Russell Yoon, Maeo and Pohn

On December 1, Russell and Pohn treated the CMN children to pizza. The children were so excited. Pizza is very expensive for Thais (the cost in Thailand is exactly the same as in the US), and many had never eaten it before.

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