News From Our Churches – February 6, 2019


Members of the Aurora University Chorale Choir and Chamber Choir performed at the Aurora Advent Christian Church on Sunday, February 3. Choir members will be on tour in Louisville, Kentucky and Indianapolis, Indiana in early March.

INDIA – Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner

Pastor B. Balu Nayak

Pastor Balu Nayak, based in Mahabubabad, in Telengana State, was injured while riding his motorcycle on Sunday, January 6, 2019.

He wrote to Mission Manager Immanuel on January 7 as follows:

Ayya [Sir], yesterday, I finished Sunday worship at AC Baluthanda Church and started my journey to Mahabubabad for our AC main church second worship. When I was at the middle of my journey, an Ertiga car [a Suzuki SUV] coming up on my backside, hit me suddenly. I fell down. My left hand and upper side bone (collar bone) was broken.

Some people caught another automobile and admitted me in a private orthopedic hospital where Dr. Chandra Shekar took tests and made an x-ray. The doctor said one bone was broken. It will be cured after 45 days. I am still at hospital and taking treatment, Ayya.

Due to that new car driver, this accident happened. A few of our church members complained in police station about the car driver and police caught his car yesterday.

Ayya, our God is great! Our Lord Jesus Christ saved me wonderfully. I am most requesting to you, Ayya, please pray for my health and treatment.

With Christian love and prayers
Your Beloved Spiritual Son in Christ,

Pastor Balu Nayak

INDIA – Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry partner

   Rev. S.R. Paul Aruldoss

Pastor Ahaj Kumar Pani in Odisha

Mission Manager Immanuel likes to visit all of Yesuway Jeevan Mission’s ministry partners from time to time, as such a visit was a condition of the partnership contract entered into by all of the partners. In early January, Immanuel asked Rev. S.R. Paul Aruldoss, a good friend of the Mission and a former president of the Advent Christian Conference of India (ACCI), who is currently pastor of the ACCI’s Church at Saidapet, to visit Pastor Pani and his team in Odisha. It was Rev. Paul Aruldoss who introduced Pastor Pani to the Mission, when he was ACCI president. Our brother was very happy to accept this invitation and be able to meet and encourage Pastor Pani once again. Pastor Paul Aruldoss was able to deliver some Treasures (solar powered audio Bibles) in the Odia language, which had been sent from the United States.

Pastor Pani, Rev. Aruldoss and other members of the Odisha team spent several days visiting some of the areas in which they minister, and Pastor Pani sent reports and pictures as follows:

January 7 – We did a baptism program in Odisha. Pray for the newly baptized candidates and for their spiritual growth.

January 8 – This is a hillside ministry field in the village of Bhahagmar. The total strength of this village congregation is more than 50 believers including children.

We want to develop this village ministry day-by-day, exploiting great spiritual ministry in the village.

January 9 – Rev. S.R. Paul is doing great ministry with us in Odisha. He is doing a special prayer for the sick people. We are doing some helping ministry here. We are distributing new clothes to the poor and needy believers in the village.

January 10 – This is a homeless children’s mission. Rev. S.R. Paul from South India serving the Lord in the midst of homeless children in Belpahara. The total strength of our children foundation is more than 135 children. We are giving new school uniform clothes to the homeless children. Rev. S.R. Paul is distributing new school clothes to the homeless children.

January 14 – This is a village ministry in Brajarajnagar. The total strength of this village congregation is more than 70. We are distributing school bags to the children. Rev. S.R. Paul is serving the Lord in the midst of these village people and preaching the Word of God, while we were conducting a prayer meeting.

January 18 – This is our pastors and missionaries group from the Odisha Mission. They have been working under my advice for a long time, but not yet received any help from us for their family living.


Ruth Devairakkam reports on recent ministry:

  • One of our outstation contacts had a cardiac arrest. He requested prayer. We thank the Lord for his supernatural intervention upon this man. He recovered in two weeks. He is able to walk and talk. He came to visit us with his family and we had good fellowship with them.
  • A lady is seeing God’s favor upon her life in extraordinary ways. She says God’s grace brought this blessing upon her. She appreciates our prayers and our sharing Jesus with her.
  • Another lady called us to say that all our prayers have brought the peace of God into her home.
  • God has opened the spiritual eyes of another family to discern the evil strategies that have been used against their family. They are now taking hold of God’s Word and seeing victory in their circumstances.

THAILAND – Christian Mission Naratchakwai (CMN)

Ploy shares their ministry at CMN during January, 2019.

Everything is going well here. We started the year with happiness and we are planning something new this month.

Children come to learn about God and study English with their team leader.

We took Soup of Love ministry to Ban Kham Pok Village. We stopped the van at some houses where people never got the soup from us before, and thank you, God, that they did not avoid us. They came to get the soup with smiling faces.

Lita is feeling better from the surgery now. [She was diagnosed with a goiter on her thyroid, which meant the removal of her thyroid gland.] She recently saw the doctors and will go back to see them again in April. Thank you for all of your prayers for her.


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