News From Our Churches – January 6, 2016


“Under a Starry Sky” performed by Stones Creek ACC adult choir

Benson – The Stones Creek Advent Christian Church adult choir performed their Christmas musical, “Under a Starry Sky,” on December 13. They held three performances: morning, matinee and night. It was a wonderful time of praise with more than 600 people in attendance.

Our kids performed “A Tree Lot Christmas” (pictured below) preceded by an opening nativity program performed by our little ones. The play was held on Sunday, December 20 with more than 385 in attendance. We are so proud of our kids! They did an amazing job! (Submitted by Cindy Dixon)


“A Tree Lot Christmas” performed by Stones Creek ACC children

MALAYSIA Advent Christian Conference
The Advent Christian group in Kluang recently joined together with four other denominations in the city to celebrate Christmas. Ruth and Wilfred were asked to sing two gospel songs at the function.

MYANMAR Advent Christian Conference (ACCM)
2015 Conference President Joseph writes . . .

We thank you for your help, your love and prayer support for us in 2015. Today (January 2) we had a conference meeting, and Timothy is going to be our president of ACCM for 2016. Thank you for standing with me in 2015. May God bless you all. We wish all the best in this 2016.

The Lord will provide (Genesis 22:14).

Outreach to remote areas
Pastor Joseph has again visited a remote, unreached area of his country with the gospel, this time to the LeTu and Zutu people in the Rakhine State. He has reported on his trip as follows …

We started our mission trip to Rakhine State on December 19, 2015, and it ended on December 31, 2015. We are so excited to tell you all about how God is moving on unreached people groups. Our mission trip to Rakhine State was great and an amazing journey with the Lord.

TRAVEL – We cross Bago division, Maygone division, and reach Rakhine State by bus in one day and one night. Then we go to village by boat in two days where car cannot go. And we walk by foot for two days. We cross rivers, streams, hills, mountain pass, valley, etc. and preached the salvation of Jesus.

Outreach in Myanmar

Outreach in Myanmar

OUTREACH – We do seminar in two places. We preach the salvation of Jesus Christ.
• We reached out to 11 villages of Letu and Zutu.
• We preached to 555 people of Letu and Zutu.
• We baptized 58 people of Letu and Zutu.
• Many young people decide to serve the Lord.
• Shaman became a believer of Jesus.

God touch their hearts and lives. The Holy Ghost touch their minds and hearts and many souls changed their lives to the Lord. Some get healing and many of them receiving salvation.

DEMON WORSHIPPERS – Many people from this place believe in demons as their gods. While we are preaching the good news about Jesus, some people are still denying what we say. They joke and insult us.

CHALLENGES OF ACCEPTING HIM – When some men came to believe Jesus as his personal Savior their wives wanted to divorce them. When some women came to love Jesus as their personal Savior their husbands wanted to divorce them. But he/she who believe Jesus as his/her personal Savior are ready to follow Jesus whatever difficulties.

MINISTRY CHALLENGES – Some of people want to stop what we are doing for the Lord. They ask us not to preach in their areas. They make us trouble, but God is with us and they cannot stop us.

Below are photos of how God touched the lives of the Letu and Zutu people in December 2015!”

Note: A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.

Outreach in Myanmar

Outreach in Myanmar


Baptism in Myanmar

Baptism in Myanmar


Praying for Myanmar people

Praying for Myanmar people

SOUTH AFRICA Advent Christian Conference
Conference President Alain Don’Tony writes …

Outside view of the school where the new church is located

Outside view of the school where the new church is located

Last year was very challenging for me and for the church. I faced some of the uncommon challenges a man may possibly face. The Lord has carried me through and I’ve received victory and testimonies, yet some of them I have to go through still even into this year. Nevertheless, I believe the Scriptures, “ Many are the affliction of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.” Therefore, I believe, I shall be delivered.

Due to the negative atmosphere that clouded our church last year, the Lord moved my heart to change the location, even the name of the church, believing that this will give us a new identity and new direction, and that we will be able to attract new people. So after much research and prayer, we found a new place in central town, just two minutes from the newly built stadium of Port Elizabeth. We have signed a two-year renewal contract with the owner. The ministry hall is in a school, a newly built school next to the stadium. We will be based in the suburb of Sydenham, in Somers Road N. 3, Port Elizabeth.

We are planning to move there the first week of February and began services. The new name of the church is now: Talking Faith International. There are many challenges that our ministry will face as we move to the new building: monthly rent, sound system, advertising through posters, flyers, etc. Please join with us in prayer for the official opening of the new church. We is excited to have found a location in a cosmopolitan area.

My wife is now expecting our second child, Shiloh, and the family patiently awaits for June to welcome her.

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