News From Our Churches – January 9, 2019

Forty-eight students graduated from the technical school in 2018.

A “small crusade” in Makamba during the Christmas season generated eight decisions to renew commitments to follow the Lord Jesus.


Conference President Bertin Mwanya reports:

The Democratic Republic of Congo has gone through polls to elect a new president. (The former one has stepped down, complying with the constitution that states that a president cannot hold more than two consecutive terms.) The election took place on December 30, 2018; previously scheduled to be held on December 23. Much has gone wrong in the process and some areas were denied the ability to vote.

The outcome of the polls to the wider public is delayed. The new president is to be sworn in on January 16. The delay is getting more people suspicious of having a good outcome in favor of the person the people want elected. Additionally, the DRC government officers have shut down all communication networks with the outside world, including internet connection and short messages until the outcome of the polls is made known. To face this ban, we have agreed with a private internet provider for us to send e-mails. It is impossible to text or call outside of the country.

To make things much more uneasy, big rainfalls and storms are sweeping over the whole city of Lubumbashi and the surrounding areas, causing floods and electricity blackouts. It usually rains very hard in January and February.

INDIA – Shelter Trust Hostel
Rev. Solomon Raj, Director of the Shelter Trust Hostel, has forwarded this greeting to all who have prayed for and supported the hostel during 2018.

Please continue to pray for this ministry and those to whom it brings “love, laughter and life.”

INDIA – Pastor Pani in Odisha

Pastor Pani and his team continued their rural village and slum village ministry, bringing Christmas cheer and the message of the Christ child to this village.

He wrote … “Please pray for this wonderful village ministry and for the spiritual growth of each believer here and for the children’s studies. Please pray for us.”

INDIA – Balunayak Banjara Tribal Ministries – Telengana State

Brother Rev. B. Balu Nayak, founder and leader of Balunayak Banjara Tribal Ministries in the State of Telengana, is an enthusiastic worker for the Lord and for his people.

He is also an enthusiastic communicator with a style all of his own. He can almost turn words into colorful pictures! Generally, recognizing that English is not his first language (It’s probably his fourth!), we “tidy up” his communications, without altering the sense of their contents before publication. His New Year letter to Mission Manager Immanuel, dated December 28, is reproduced almost exactly as it was received, color and all! “Ayya” is a term of respect – like our “Sir.”

To: Dr. Immanuel

Respected My Beloved & Loving Spiritual Father in Christ.

Greetings to you all in the Most Precious Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
I hope you all are well there at Chennai.

I WISH YOU AN ADVANCE HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2019 Ayya and your family and your ACGC.

Ayya, Our Lord Jesus Christ given good vision to me from next year January. I have a hope to preach word of God among tribes and remote areas in few districts in Telangana State.

I am going start conduct gospel meetings at remote and tribal villages. Ayya more tribes and remote area people not having Bibles. Many of people asked me for Bibles since many times.

Ayya, we need 1,000 Bibles for free distribution. Ayya, I am requesting to you please sponsor 1,000 Telugu full Bibles:

Ayya, if you support all above matters, we will be so happy and our A.C.C. Churches should get very good strengthen.

Ayya, thank you so much for your kind and valuable, regular financial support for me and our food for poor programs and thank you very much for your previous support for our church building construction.

I, our family and both of our A.C.C Mahbubabad main and Baluthanda branch churches praying for you and your family and your A.C.G.C.

We hope you will pray for us.
All glory to Jesus.

With Christian Love & Prayers,
Your Beloved Spiritual Son in Christ,
Pastor B. Balu Nayak
Telangana State

ACGC International Missions has allocated some funds to him for purchasing Telegu Bibles and this will be forwarded to him very shortly.

Please continue to pray for Brother Balu Nayak and his assistants in the ministries of his organization.


An open, air crusade began 2019. Pastor Johnson Odoyo writes:

“I thank God for setting people free during the New Year service. Five people brought their charms to be destroyed, after receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.”

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