News From Our Churches – March 13, 2019


A total of 42 Aurora University students participated in an Alternative Spring Break Mission Trip during the first week of March. Students volunteered in four locations throughout the Midwest, including Burlington, Wis., South Bend, Ind., Cleveland, Ohio and Athens, Ohio. For more information, click here:


Sherry Thibodeau, Treasurer, shares:

Crouseville AC Church welcomes seven new members!

Pastor John Walsh, youth pastors James and Lisa McClay and elder Fred Flewelling welcomed and prayed over this special service. The church voted unanimously with hands raised and applause.

INDIA – Yesuway Jeevan Mission Ministry Partner

Pastor Ahaj Kumar Pani in Odisha State shares some very interesting information about his state and ministry:

Over 49 million people live in our state, which is India’s seventh largest state. It has 30 districts, 51,583 villages, 291 different people groups and it is spread out in approximately 155,707 square km area. But unfortunately, the percentage of our state’s people groups who know the Lord is small. Our vision and heart’s desire is that each and every person in our mission’s state know Jesus as their personal Savior.

In order to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are moving from village to village, door to door and person to person with the gospel of good news. We are preaching the gospel and sharing the good news of salvation to the village people.

At the same time, we are doing prayer meeting at a rural village – Belpahara. All believers are very new to the Lord and they are growing in the Lord in their day-to-day lives.

Arranged marriages are still very common in India, and in the case of Christian marriages the pastor often acts as a “marriage broker” between the families. Pastor Pani has sent details and pictures of one such gathering of two families. The young people, whose possible marriage they were discussing, may not have been present at this meeting, and they almost certainly would never have been together alone without chaperones. It is possible that at this stage of the process they have never met!

Pastor Pani wrote as follows concerning a meeting held on February 21:

This is a marriage proposal meeting. The boy’s family has reached out to the girl’s family to give a marriage proposal here. We are talking about both sides’ opinions regarding this marriage proposal issue.

By God’s grace, eventually, both families agreed to accept this marriage proposal meeting. Most likely, they will be doing the marriage negotiation meeting [this month] as discussed today.

The boy’s family is coming from our Jharsuguda mission field and the girl’s family is from our Brajarajnagar mission field.

Pastor Pani and his team are involved in hospital ministry. Pastor Pani states:

This is a vital and much needed area of outreach. The church should be involved in praying with the sick. “I was sick and you visited me” (Matthew 25:36).

We are ministering the healing power of Jesus Christ to patients in our area hospitals. The hospital ministry is committed to minister in the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through personal hospital visits to the patients. We, the Odisha families, have started to spread the love of Christ through hospital visit ministry.

A number of people were blessed in the hospital when we visited the patients with the love of Christ through the gospel.

Pastor Pani writes about another one of his mission fields, which he visited in mid-February:

This is a prayer cell group in a tribal area. The mission field’s name is Gandhichowk. The total ministry field believers are more than 26, including children.

Pastor Pani asks for prayer for the children as they begin to take their school exams. The North India children in the CBSC will begin to take their annual exam beginning on March 21. All children, who are sitting internal and government school annual exams*, will be starting on March 1.

*The academic year in India ends at the end of April, as the month-long summer holiday season begins on May 1. There will be children connected with all the Advent Christian ministries in India sitting internal and government exams this month (March) and early next month.


A NEW CHURCH! Nigerian Conference Secretary E.E. Samuel writes the following:

It is my privilege to inform you that the Nigerian AC Conference has established a new church in Ikot Akpan Obio Ikot in the region of Etinan L.G. The Nigerian Conference held a service to welcome them into the Advent Christian Mission of Nigeria. An article of agreement was signed by the new church and the conference. During the service, we issued them a conference constitution, an order of service and the conference’s teaching practice. The church begins its ministry with a membership which totals 54. We regret that we were not able to get pictures of the event.

SCHOOL REPORT: Our ACC Bible College is in progress. Our students have been sent to preach in various AC churches as part of their week of student evangelism. This process takes one week.

NEW COLLEGE DIRECTOR: After the death of Rev. Essien, the former college director, the conference and the school management board appointed Rev. I.E. Udosen, the conference president, to fill the vacant position of the acting School Director of the college until a new director emerges and is appointed.

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