Ministry Overview

Established:  1965

Affiliated:  1966

Churches:  11

Members:  510 (2012)

Field Leader:  Christian Paul


The Advent Christian Conference of Nigeria is organized to carry out ministries for all ages.  Groups for men, women, and youth are active.

Nigerian conference leaders are interested in micro-businesses to help their members become self-supporting. They sponsored a 2-day seminar on micro-business in October 2007, and now are developing a system of business grants for this purpose.

A point of pride is the Advent Christian Theological College (ACTC). It came into existence in 2008 under the leadership of Conference President Christian Paul. The

first matriculation was in 2009 with 6 students. God supplied the increase and in 2011 ACTC conducted its second annual matriculation ceremony with 13 students.

They draw students from both Advent Christian membership and outside the mission. Apostle Christian Paul, Rev E. Samuel,  Rev A.A. Sambo, and Rev I. Sambo are the key foundational leaders of the college.

A constant need of the college is for books. The ACTC library is being set up with the Ediene Church assembly donating the library office to help secure the materials.

In 2012 the Nigerian mission adopted a new constitution. A new Certificate of Incorporation also was applied for by the registered board of trustees of the mission through the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. The former Certificate was lost through theft in 1999.

In March 2012 all churches met in one service at Calabar to conduct a fund raising for the purchase of land, which will enable them to erect a church building for their worship.

President Christian Paul along with fifteen officers and ministry leaders and eleven pastors and oversee a thriving ministry of evangelism, teaching, training, and worship. It is not unusual for there to be constantly something in the planning stages for men, women, youth, or children, from meetings to rallies or from small groups to conventions.

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