Ministry Overview

Established:  1953

Affiliated:  1954

Churches:  49

Members:  3,900 (approx)

Field Leader:  Efron Miranda


Today, Advent Christian ministry in the Philippines operates in four general areas:

American Advent Mission Society (Philippines)- AAMS

 AAMS facilitates and supports AC missionary work in the Philippines,

and through this encourages the Filipino AC church. It also

  • represents ACGC to BPACCI, OBC, and Agape House Philippines
  • provides spiritual support (and practical help as needed) to each entity
  • acts as liaison to them

Bishop of the Philippines AC Churches – BPACCI

This is the Conference of Advent Christian churches in the Philippines.

In 2012 it consisted of 49 churches and a membership of approximately 3,900.

Two programs BPACCI recently adopted by President (Bishop) of the Conference:

  • “BEARS”– BPACCI’s Emergency Assistance and Relief Services
  • “VISION 20/20”– turning 20,000 members into disciplers by 2020

Oro Bible College – OBC

An AC theological institute founded in 1971, OBC’s four-year degree program prepares students for effective ministry and leadership. Internships and service projects help deepen a commitment to the Great Commission:

  • Students in the community – teaching, feeding and tutoring kids
  • Upper class students in local churches – assisting in worship, Sunday school, preaching, counseling, and pastoral aid

The Field Education program focuses on evangelism, church planting, and missions, with each student given the skills to plant a church. There have been more than 200 graduates of OBC since its inception.

Agape House Ministries of Pujada, Inc. - AHMPI

For more information on AHMPI, an orphanage and multi-service outreach ministry, please go to AGAPE HOUSE section of the website.

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