Cristo Salva is an ongoing ministry of encouragement to the people who live in the Northwest area of Honduras, Central America. The ministry was established in 1991.

As we think about the years Cristo Salva has served in Honduras, we are reminded that missions work is indeed a battle. In every battle there are two lines – the front line and the supply line. The enemy seeks to cut off the supply line in order to weaken the front line in order to win the battle. We have seen a decrease in the front line of people who are willing to serve in Honduras because of the negative press about current statistics in Honduras. Our teams have been smaller and most trips are one week instead of two. It is understandable why people are leery of serving in Honduras, but we will continue to press on, believing the current situation is a compelling reason to continue to serve in Honduras by spreading the gospel so that lives are changed. The situation is improving and we are hopeful that things will continue to improve.

At the same time, we also need our supply line to hold steady during this battle for the hearts and souls of those living in desperation. Your prayers are imperative for this ministry and for the people of Honduras. Your financial support is also necessary. Cristo Salva provides meals for 150 children five days a week. We provide support to local pastors and their churches, our television station reaches 50,000 people a day, thousands of people receive medical and dental care each year in our clinic and mobile clinics, hundreds receive clothing and more than 325 students are in our school program.

These are just some of the ways that the front line is advancing the cause of Christ in Central America, but this is only possible if the supply line continues to provide the needed supplies. Please join us in prayer for team members for the front line and for the support of the supply line. To those of you who have served in the front line and/or the supply line we say, “Gracias!” (submitted by Carol Kline)

Prayer requests:

  • For the continued improvement of the situation in Honduras and thanksgiving for positive steps by the government towards controlling crime.
  • For the local pastors as they shepherd their church members.
  • For the church in the mountain village of Las Pilas as Pastor Telo starts ministering there.
  • For Pastor Claros and his wife, Anna, as they continue to feed 150 children each week day as well as ministering to the people of Laguna Verde.
  • For the hearts and souls of the people of Honduras to surrender to Christ