AIMS Internship Program

The Advent Christian AIMS Internship program was created for the purpose of introducing people to healthy ministry. It was designed to give ministry-minded people a real-life experience in an active, healthy, kingdom-minded church or Christian organization.

Experiential learning is a primary focus of the program, providing opportunities for growth in leadership and abilities that the classroom cannot develop. By pairing those who are interested in learning more about how ministry works (interns) with those who are proven leaders in ministry and are successfully making faith relevant to their culture (mentors and internship sites), it is our hope that future interns can make the transition from preparation into vocation more successfully.

For more information on the AIMS internship program, click  here!

Campus Connection

The “Campus Connection” is an e-mail newsletter that goes out to college and pre-college students quarterly. The purpose is to connect students with the various services and ministry opportunities available to them around the Advent Christian network. Each issue offers students information about different programs and opportunities, as well as information about who to contact to receive these services. It also offers students the opportunities to connect with and minister to one another.

To subscribe to the “Campus Connection,” contact Matt Larkin at

Scholarship Opportunities

Many students are not aware that there are several scholarships available to them around the Advent Christian denomination. In attempt to make these scholarships more accessible to you, we have centralized scholarships from our various regions and conferences into a single database, so you can more easily gain information about dollar amounts, qualifications, and who to contact.

To view our scholarship database, click here!

Educational Partnerships

Advent Christian General Conference currently partners with four specific academic institutions. Through some of these partnerships, there are unique scholarship opportunities that exist, as well as other Advent Christian specific opportunities and links to other colleges and seminaries. These four institutions include: Antioch School, Aurora University, Berkrshire Christian College and the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies.

For more information about the opportunities available through our educational partnerships, click  here!

College & Pre-College Information Forms

If you’d like us to keep you updated on these resources and others, we ask that you consider filling-out one of the following forms:

College Student Information Form (for those in college)
Pre-College Information Form (for juniors & seniors in high school who are considering college)

Summer Ministry Exchange Program

SMEP logo

The summer ministries exchange program was developed out of the partnership of some Advent Christian Regional Associations, conferences and camps, with the assistance of ACGC. The program can give you, as a college student, the opportunity to travel to new places, meet new friends and serve God this summer! Areas and locations include:

  • Camp Dixie (Fayetteville, NC)
  • Appalachian Region (KY, MD, NC, VA, WV)
  • Central Region (IA, IL, IN, MO, NM, OH, OK, TX, WI)
  • Eastern Region (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT)
  • Southern Region (AL, FL, GA, NC, SC)

If you would like any more information on the program, you can contact our Director of Student & Family Ministries, Matt Larkin (

For a copy of the brochure, click here!

To apply, fill out the application and spiritual inventory forms:

SMT Exchange Application & Spiritual Inventory Form

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