Student & Family Ministries – January 13, 2016

Introducing the ACGC Resource Center

Matt Larkin

Matt Larkin

For years, ACGC has been working to serve the local church through the distribution of Sunday school material and through providing other Christian book resources. Through 2015, this service was provided through Venture Bookstore. However, over the last few months, ACGC has been working on a transition, and in 2016, will now unveil the ACGC Resource Center. While this may seem like a simple downsizing of what we used to do, or a minor custodial change, in making this transition we have put ourselves in a better position to serve you, as leaders in your churches.

We are now better able to provide stronger consultation and a more focused inventory, specifically geared at the leadership and educational needs of our churches. We are also able, with a smaller product base, to provide lower prices on the items we are distributing. We are now, not only in a position to distribute Sunday school resources, but are in a position to consult with you on other discipleship ministry needs that your church may have, such as youth & kids’ ministry, women’s ministry, family ministry and others. Additionally, we can take special orders of any item you may need, and will keep a small stock of some of the best church leadership resources available.

The big thing here is that this is another way in which ACGC is working to try to better serve the needs of our churches. It is our desire to continually seek out new ways to aid you in your Great Commission effectiveness. So, if there is any way that we can be of assistance to you through the efforts of the ACGC Resource Center, please contact one of the individuals below by e-mail or by calling 1-800-676-0694.

Matt Larkin – Management Questions/Consultation (Ext. 240;
Beth Larkin – Special Ordering (Ext. 221;
Donna Martin – David C. Cook Ordering (Ext. 233;
Dawn Rutan – Billing Questions (Ext. 241;

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