Student & Family Ministries – November 8, 2017

                 Matt Larkin & Lana Jernigan

A Recognition

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to recognize someone who has been a friend, mentor and leader to many of us. Lana Jernigan, who has been known to many of us around the AC network, for her service at Camp Dixie, has worn many hats in our denomination. Lana has served as a workshop leader, a developer of leaders and a thought leader, as well as on many different boards and committees.

A 1981 graduate of Berkshire Christian College, Lana, as stated before, has been most well-known for her extensive service at Camp Dixie. She has served there since 1983, a tenure of 34 years and counting. There, she has developed some of our denomination’s most innovative camp programs and has established an extremely successful mentoring program called Project Sam. In addition, she has sent teams of Camp Dixie’s counselors to camps around the United States through the camp’s summer ministries initiatives and also has provided training to many of the teams that our denomination has sent out.

The reason I went to honor Lana for her service is not because she is stepping down or retiring from that role. However, after a long tenure on ACGC’s Student Ministries Commission, Lana has stepped down from that role. We are extremely thankful for the years that Lana has served the many youth workers of the Advent Christian network. And as a result, I went to Camp Dixie during their Harvest Day celebration to present Lana with the Divine Servant award. This statue, which portrays the familiar scene of Jesus’ washing of Peter’s feet, is an award we give to those who have served laudably over a long period of time. It is a way we show how thankful we are that the Lord has called and used certain individuals in very special and significant ways.

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In Christ,
Matt Larkin