Student & Family Ministries – October 11, 2017

               Matt Larkin

Friends Forever

From October 20 – 22, students from our Central Region will have the opportunity to gather at the Aurora Advent Christian Church for a region-wide youth retreat called Friends Forever. This event for middle school, high school and college students has been a tradition in the Central Region for decades. Advent Christian students from Fort Worth, Texas all the way to Baraboo, Wisconsin have taken part in this weekend retreat, giving them the opportunity for life-long friendships to form and to experience a broader view of the kingdom of God.

Experiences like Friends Forever, as well as the many camps put on around the denomination, play a vital role in our ministries. It can be easy for us, as we minister in our individual churches, to get tunnel vision. It can be easy for us to lose sight of the bigger picture of what God is doing outside of our day-to-day. But these opportunities set a tone for students, allowing them to process a broader view of God’s kingdom that doesn’t just revolve around them. They can see how God is working in other churches, other cities and even other states. This all contributes to their view of God’s sovereignty and care as they experience how he is working outside of their small corners of the church.

So, I’d encourage you, if there are events or opportunities like these in your neck of the woods, to take advantage of them. If there’s nothing nearby, connect with some local churches to see if you can get something together. You won’t regret it. If you don’t know where to start, contact us here in the Department of Student and Family Ministries. We’d be glad to help you get started. I can be reached at 1-800-676-0694 x. 240 or Additionally, our Coordinator of Educational Ministries, Meredith Broadway, can be reached at x. 242 or We’re always looking for new ways we can serve you!

In Christ,
Matt Larkin