Welcome to the web home of the Department of Student & Family Ministries. This portion of the ministry of Advent Christian General Conference works to serve local Advent Christian churches in four key areas: student ministries, kids’ ministries, camping ministries, and other educational ministries. On this page, you will find information about many of the services we offer, as well as information about the various areas of ministry that make up the department.

Student Ministries

ACGC Student Ministries serves two key demographics of the church. The first is college students, where our role is primarily in the area of connecting students with the necessary resources to help them through college. The second is student ministry leaders, or those leading ministries geared at middle school, high school, and college students. Check out the student ministries quick links at the right of this page to learn more about ACGC Student Ministries.

Kids' Ministries

ACGC Kids’ Ministries exists to serve those involved with ministering to the youngest among us, birth through elementary age. There are a variety of opportunities available for our kids’ ministry leaders, for networking, equipping, and resourcing. Check out the kids’ ministries quick links at the right of the page to learn more.

Camping Ministries

Camping ministry has long been one of the most impactful parts of the Advent Christian denomination. Over the last couple of years, Advent Christian General Conference has sought to renew its efforts in serving those involved with leading our camp ministries in a variety of new ways. Check out the camping ministries quick links at the right of the page to learn more about what ACGC is doing to serve our camps, as well as for more information about camp dates and our Summer Ministries Exchange program for college students.

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