The Alcoholic (72-56)

Whereas, it is an established fact that over 50% of all traffic fatalities involve drinking drivers, and,

Whereas  many states are now enacting legislation and programs to remove the drinking driver from our highways in an attempt to reduce the carnage and suffering resulting from such behavior, and,

Whereas   alcoholism is still America’s number 1 drug problem taking its toll in broken homes, squandered fortunes, and lost man hours,

Be it therefore Resolved, that the members of our churches be urged to give support, through letters and by personal contact, to our legislators and community leaders who are working to alleviate this situation, and,

Be it Further Resolved, that our churches be urged to become involved in the prevention of alcoholism, and in the rehabilitation of the alcoholic in the spirit of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who came not to judge the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.