Pornography and Blasphemy (78-65)

Whereas, it appears that one of Satan’s present methods of warfare is to impair the minds and consciences of mankind by the use of pornographic material; in particular, movies produced in Europe which depict Jesus Christ as a sexual pervert, a radical, a deceiver, and a most corrupt character; and,

Whereas the influence of these movies would be most detrimental to young people,

Be it Resolved that the Advent Christian General Conference of America go on record as being opposed to the admittance and showing of pornographic movies and the sales of pornographic books and magazines and that our churches be urged to initiate action where needed, such as picketing pornographic movie houses and bookstores, influencing local law enforcement agencies to support appropriate existing laws, and by uniting our efforts with other groups already involved in such action, and to write government representatives requesting the banning of these productions.  (specific reference was made to the Danish movie “Many Phases of the Life of Christ;” and an address to send petition signatures and get information:  Interfaith Committee Against Blasphemy, PO Box 90, Glendale, CA 91209).