Urban Church (78-61)

Whereas   some churches are leaving the inner urban area of our cities and leaving the people in these areas with less spiritual resources,

Be it Resolved that in the event any local Advent Christian Church considers leaving the urban area in which it is located, that conference and regional leadership, the Home Missions Department, and regional executives of the Advent Christian General Conference be contacted to provide counsel and guidance before a final decision has been made.

Family Unity (78-24)

Whereas  the family is not self-sufficient and self-contained as a body of believers and is in need of continuing support from other families and from individuals within the body of Christ; and

Whereas  the local church, as a part of the universal body of Christ, is an extended family which exists to support, nurture, and equip individuals and families for growth in discipleship and effective functioning,

Be it therefore Resolved that our Advent Christian churches minister to families and individuals in creative ways which build church and family unity, prepare young people for mate selection and marriage, educate families in effective family living, assist family members in their spiritual and personal growth, and give support in times of stress or special need.