Gambling (99-58)

Whereas Christians are Biblically mandated to conserve their resources and gifts graciously by God – the chief measure of this stewardship being money itself; and

Whereas gambling encourages a form of idolatry, a worship of luck and wealth, and it expresses a lack of trust in God’s provision and encourages materialism; and

Whereas gambling feeds on human greed and invites persons to place their trust in possessions rather than God.

Be It Resolved we encourage our members to abstain from gambling, and

Be It Further Resolved  that we promote standards and personal lifestyles which would make unnecessary and undesirable the resort to commercial gambling, as a recreation, as an escape or as a means of producing public revenue or funds for support of charities or government; and

Be It Finally Resolved we encourage our state legislators to study the effects of gambling and allocate resources for the rehabilitation of the gambler.

Gambling (72-55)

Whereas  gambling of all types is becoming  more and more a part of the American scene as gambling interests continuously bring pressure upon our legislative bodies for legislation, and

Whereas  gambling is destructive of the human personality and is addictive as alcohol or drugs, disrupting family life and promoting a philosophy of getting something for nothing,

Be it Therefore Resolved, that the members of our churches be encouraged to write to their legislative officials, state and federal, registering their opposition to legalized gambling.