Capital Punishment (81-35)

Whereas the committee charged to prepare a study on capital punishment has completed the study; ;and

Whereas  the study has been put in the hands of our people; and

Whereas  the study has sought a broad and yet comprehensive view of capital punishment;

Be it Therefore Resolved that we receive the report of the Task Force on Capital Punishment and that copies of the report be made available upon request to Advent Christians;

Be it Further Resolved that the delegate body of the 1984 General Conference Convention come ready to respond to the Task Force report on Capital Punishment, and to continuing discussion and other published studies provoked by it, determining that:

  1. A Biblical stand should be made against it.
  2. A Biblical stand should be made for it.
  3. A study of the Bible does not resolve the debate, thereby leaving the issue to individual conscience and interpretation.

Abortion (96-67)

Whereas our denomination adopted a resolution at the 1974 General Conference regarding abortion; and

Whereas our denomination recognizes that there is division regarding the subject of abortions and in order to state a position by our denomination on the subject;

Be It Therefore Resolved we affirm our position that the moral issue of abortion is more than a question of the freedom of a woman to control the reproductive functions of her own body.  It is rather a question of those circumstances under which a human being may be permitted to take the life of another.    We believe that all life is a gift of God, so that neither the life of the unborn child nor the mother may be lightly taken.  We believe that God Himself, in Scripture, has told us what our attitude should be toward the unborn.  For example, in Psalm 139:13-19, God affirms the personhood of the unborn child. (Jeremiah 1:5) He provided penalties for actions which resulted in the death of the unborn.  (Exodus 21:22-25) Accordingly, we as a denomination affirm the personhood of a child upon conception.

Be It Further Resolved that our denomination disagrees with the woman’s exercise of a legal constitutional right as expressed in numerous decisions of the U. S. Supreme Court, to the extent that the woman decides to terminate a pregnancy for no better reason than personal convenience or sociological considerations.  We affirm our conviction that abortion on demand for social adjustment or solve economic problems is morally wrong.

Be It Further Resolved that we as an Advent Christian people recognize these who would seek and those who provide abortion as people who need the compassion of Jesus and that as such we would pledge ourselves to love these as Jesus would love them.  Further, rather than just condemning the act of abortion we would pledge and resolve to provide and/or support programs and agencies that would provide an alternative solution to these mothers and children.

Be It Further Resolved that our denomination would be prepared to minister to persons seeking guidance on abortion through counseling and prayer.

Women and Human Rights (76-25)

Whereas the very essence of the Christian message is the just dignity and rights of all human beings as persons;

Be it therefore Resolved that the church and its institutions take an earnest look at the contribution women can make in the total aspect of life in our world today; and that we offer this challenge to the Advent Christian Church specifically that it may lead out in acknowledging that all human beings are precious in the sight of God and are deserving of equal opportunities and judgment.