Television Programs (Media Programs – 81-59)

Whereas society is witnessing an escalation of the portrayal of violence in the media, both specific acts of violence and the tensions which produce, but not the solutions which resolve that violent action; and

Whereas  a steady diet of immoral sex and profanity portrayed din television viewing as acceptable and desirable has weakened our resistance as a society to ungodly practices; and

Whereas  the television screen brings excessive violence, sex and profanity within view of family members of all ages and the motion pictures portray it before a large segment of the public; and

Whereas   sponsors such as Proctor and Gamble have begun to accept responsibility by withdrawing from TV programs which display excessive violence, sex, and profanity;

Be it Resolved that this delegate body encourage Advent Christians to exercise selective viewing in their homes by choosing programming which reflects and promotes their Christian ideals, and that they support those influence groups attempting to affect television programming in ways which coincide with their own views; and

Be it  Resolved that the Advent Christian denomination deplore this state of programming, and that it express its concern over the effect of such programming upon the spiritual and mental health of our families and nation by urging the production of programs which build traditional values for interpersonal relationships and good citizenship, and by sending a copy of this resolution to the national television networks and major motion pictures studios.

Be it Further Resolved that a copy of this resolution and a letter of our appreciation be sent to Proctor and Gamble.

Television (78-64)

Whereas, we are in the days when television viewing has almost become a way of life in many American homes in the form of plug-in-drug, and

Whereas, the impact of violence on television, the excessive consumption of alcohol, the flagrant display of illicit sex affairs which tend to exemplify a mode of lifestyle, the blasphemous and casual use of God’s name has become an all-too-regular occurrence on television;

Therefore, be it Resolved, that we as Christians, in the Advent Christian General Conference of America, go on record as resenting this intrusion into our homes and its acceptance by the television industry for presentation to the American public, and that we wholeheartedly endorse family life programs that exemplify family behavior which is generally morally responsible and which focus on the joys and sorrows that face families in every age.