Veterans and Active Military (20-17)

Whereas: Many Advent Christians have served and are serving in the  defense of our      nation and sacrificed for our freedom; some of whom still bear the scars of war.

Whereas: Families of veterans and those currently serving share in many of the hardships of military life, caring for the needs of a home while a loved one is away on assignment, and of those returning but disabled by their service.

Be it resolved: We urge churches to seek out our veterans and their families in congregation and surrounding communities, searching for opportunities to prayerfully support and lovingly care for their needs.

Be it further resolved:  In our churches we seek God’s protection on those who are currently serving in all our military services through our daily prayers.

Veterans Weekend Observance (78-32)

Whereas many Advent Christians have served or are serving in the Armed Services and,

Whereas, their special contribution is greatly appreciated

Be it Resolved that the Advent Christian General Conference encourage all Advent Christian churches to observe an annual Veterans’ Weekend in special recognition of the contribution of these men and women.

Be it Further Resolved that this observance be scheduled for the weekend preceding November 11.

POW & MIA (72-73)

Whereas sons and daughters of our Advent Christian homes have served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States, and

Whereas  there are many of the sons of the homes of our great nation who have been either POW or MIA for many years, being separated from their families and loved ones during this long experience,

Therefore, be it Resolved that as a national organization of Christian experience we express to these families through our own national media of publicity and whatever other sources available to us, our spiritual concern for the welfare of their sons; and that we cooperate in what ways we can, with the organization working for the easing of the lot of our prisoners of war and missing in action; and that we stand for a brief prayer in their behalf as a convention.

Homosexuals In The Military (93-58)

Whereas, the sexual relationship between man and woman within the bounds of marriage is viewed as something natural and beautiful; and

Whereas, homosexual relationships, like adulterous relationships, are clearly condemned in the Scriptures (Genesis 2:24; Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:26-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; and 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8); and

Whereas, the Bible clearly records God’s historic judgement on societies characterized by this deviant behavior (2 Peter 2:6; Jude 7); and

Whereas, Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice outlaws sodomy, thus barring homosexuals from military service, would be a means of excluding individuals disposed to deviant criminal behavior; and

Whereas, the Joint Chiefs of Staff regard this policy as essential to maintaining “discipline, good order, and morale,” to foster “trust and confidence among service members,” and to enhance “public acceptability of military service;” and

Whereas, to admit persons known to have engaged in a practice which violates the law and is abhorrent, might preclude many young adults from volunteering for military service;  and

Whereas, the incidence and effects of homosexual promiscuity have been documented, and the exponentially exploding medical dangers and financial costs of such activity are of grave concern not only to the military but also to a government struggling to reduce the federal deficit;

Therefore, Be It Resolved that this 50th Session of the Advent Christian General Conference respectfully requests that President  Clinton withdraw his initiative to lift the current ban on homosexuals in the armed forces;  and

Be It Further Resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to President Clinton and that copies be sent to each Advent Christian Church encouraging them to contact the President and their senators and representatives expressing unequivocal opposition to the proposed change in military policy regarding homosexuals in the military