Church Burnings (96-72)

Whereas  our denomination condemns the recent wave of church burnings which are houses of worship predominantly of our African-American brothers and sisters in Christ and we condemn the spirit of racism which apparently has fostered these burnings and further call upon our members to prayerfully reach out in cross cultural experiences; and

Therefore Be It Resolved that our denomination call upon our members to counter this spirit by working toward cross-cultural understanding, support and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Open Door Policy (70-68)

In seeking to further the theme of this conference, “Evangelism, Our Task in the 1970s” and attempting to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to all men.

Be it Resolved that this body call upon the individual conferences and local congregations to actively adopt a policy of opening the doors of church membership to all committed Christians of like precious faith regardless of their race, color, social or economic standing, and

Be it Resolved that the Executive Committee counsel and encourage all conferences and local congregations in adopting such an open door policy within the next biennium, and, from time to time publish in the Advent Christian News a list of those churches willing to take such a stand, and

Be it Resolved that our national publications be urged to foster this policy through the publishing of related articles, and,

Let us Further Resolve that we as individual Christians will commit ourselves to stand against prejudice and discrimination by demonstrating in our daily living the love of God to all people.