Ministry Overview

Established:  2005

Affiliated:  2010

Churches:  7

Members:  136 (2012)

Field Leader:  Hanscollins Munuo


Current Ministry

In our conference, we hold services in our churches three times each week. On Wednesday evenings we meet with members for teachings and on Fridays for prayer. Sunday worship starts at 10:00 a.m. and may continue to 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. We held baptisms just recently.

Since the time we began the ministry, we rent the place we are using for the conference and church activities. We began in a classroom in the public school, and later were taken out from there. But not giving up despite some hardship, God led us to the nearby big store where cotton used to be stored. It was great miracle. Sometimes we face some grievances to clear the rental bill. I, as the president and pastor, have sometimes used my money to help pay, although I don’t have a big business for getting much funds. I just work at our local open air market as a public toilet and latrine cleaner/attendant. But it has been a blessing. Now the owners of the hall we use have agreed to sell the hall and its site to our conference. It is a big hall that can take in about 300 people.

We now have a brother in our conference who knows English very well. We have selected him to be our organizing secretary. He has been a great help to us. He can translate very well indeed. So we can now make good communication from our conference with you. Praise God for this. This is very important to be in communication. Our organizing secretary will help in translating from English to Swahili so that our local people in our conference will be able to get the teachings from you.

It is our goal to reach people here in order to let them know Jesus Christ will make the Second Advent to the world. Our labor is to bring forth more and more pastors to lead our churches all over the country so the Advent Christian ministry will extend all around.

Also in December 2011, our Tanzania ministry conducted a Bible teachings seminar for the new converts who came forward during a recentcrusade.

In 2012 a new president, Hanscollins Munuo, was named to head the conference, succeeding Jacob Ntandu. He also pastors at Kiseke AC Church.

Africa Europe Area Director Russell Carle and Pastor Mike Gardner visited the brothers in Tanzania in May 2012 and conducted seminars.Since then, Secretary Vincent has been visiting conference churches and he continues to get positive feedback from pastors. There have been additional pastors who have approached the conference to affiliate in the wake of the seminars.

In July 2012, President Munuo reported that from January to July, the Tanzania Advent Christian Conference planted 8 churches and baptized 19 laypersons, with 21 receiving Advent Christian teachings.

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