Ministry Overview

Established:  2004

Affiliated:  2009

Churches:  1

Members:  35 (2011)

Field Leader:  John Middlewood


Current MinistryChristian Mission ban Naratchakwai (CMN’s) ministries include:An active program for children and youth:  A full day on Saturdays for elementary and high school students. This program is key to getting the Mission in contact with and known in the homes of parents and relatives of children who come to the Mission for Saturday and English programs.

Sunday worship and teaching service followed by adult, youth and children’s Bible Study classes.
Teaching English as a Second Language during school hours in more than 30 elementary and high schools: CMN works closely with the government education authorities for these activities.

English Teaching Camps on Saturdays at elementary schools in the area: Teaching at these camps is done by a group of high school students who have been taught by John to teach their fellow Thais.

Delivering ‘Soup of Love’ once a month to nearby villages: This program delivers nutritious soup to senior citizens and/or children each month. This year CMN is concentrating on nursery schools in the 11area villages. It shows that someone cares for them enough to stop by and visit and gives them a glimpse of God’s love. CMN also distributes tracts and announcements about the mission.

Providing Senior Citizen food assistance: This program provides food parcels for two senior citizens per month. It brings two people to church each month who otherwise might not hear the word of God. This contact with many people in the local village helps them to know God’s love.

Student tuition and scholarship assistance: This provides scholarships for 8 students in English language programs at high schools. These students live with John and Maeo and receive extensive coaching in English and other subjects and participate in all the activities of the Mission’s programs They spend at least 10-15 hours per month volunteering to teach English to elementary school children one Saturday a month and to assist in teaching our elementary students of English at the mission on Saturdays. They attend 4 hours a week themselves, learning English and teaching methods to use teaching their younger students. CMN also provides tuition support to 6 children outside the church and 6 children who attend CMN but live in their own homes.

Demonstration projects for food growing, animal raising and fish raising for villagers: They are active in participating in village functions to support children, seniors and the poor of their surrounding 11 villages through participation in Samaritan’s Purse, Mother’s Day, Senior’s Day, Queen’s Birthday, Children’s Day and other functions.

Ernie Schache
Asia Team Leader
May 2011

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