News From Our Churches – June 12, 2019


Ken Perkins (pastor of the Bear River AC Church in Nova Scotia) and his wife Darlene will be making a July trip to visit the Malawi AC Conference. This year, Ken has scheduled the visit to allow for almost three weeks in Malawi.

The Blantyre Airport is closed mid-July, so the Perkinses will have to land in Lilongwe. This means a different port of entry for customs and a longer drive to the ministry by 7-10 hours.

International Missions – June 12, 2019

Ambassadors to Liberia

We are gearing up for a trip to Liberia in October. This is a “come and see” venture for those who would like to participate. When the disciples of John the Baptist asked the Lord Jesus, “Where do you live?” he replied, “Come and see!” Their lives were never the same after that.

God is inviting some to come and see the needs. Liberia is a country still reeling from battles with decades of civil war, diseases, government corruption and all of the issues that rest in a Majority World country. These apparent needs are mere symptoms of the greatest need of all, which is a relationship with the God who formed them.

From ACGC – June 5, 2019

It has been a month since leadership conference and I wonder how things are going for our participants. We made it no secret that we wanted the conference to be practical and for everyone to leave with a plan for leadership development in their church. I know that most everyone had the opportunity to begin developing a strategy for leadership building and training could look like. I am interested in how things are going; if you would, please send me an e-mail about what you are doing (

News From Our Churches – June 5, 2019


On June 8, 1969 Rev. Ray Marco peached his first sermon to the congregation of a small mission church in Miami, Florida. He and his wife Gail lived in the church where they raised their three girls. What was their home most of the week would be converted to Sunday School rooms and a sanctuary on Sundays and other church gatherings. It was the beginning of his ministry at the Oak Grove Advent Christian Church where he continues to serve today. For 50 years, Pastor Ray has led the church in outreach ministries that have embraced its neighborhood, fed and sheltered the homeless, witnessed to the marginalized and comforted the neglected. Pastor Ray guided the church in developing ministries that served both the local and global communities. Forty years ago, Oak Grove Church opened its doors to provide childcare and preschool development programs. Gail served as the first director of this growing ministry. Today, over 80 children are being served. In 1991, Pastor Ray launched a ministry to the poorest of the poor in Honduras. Cristo Salva, “a ministry of encouragement” that was born out of a prayer meeting, serves local churches, schools and villages throughout northwest Honduras. To date, Pastor Ray has led 78 mission teams to witness for Christ, feed, clothe and care for those with exceptional needs (visit