Announcements & Upcoming Events – November 27, 2019


Advent Christian Village is seeking a full-time chaplain for the nursing home, the Good Samaritan Center. Responsibilities include preparing and conducting weekly services to residents of nursing home and assisted living facility, making pastoral visits to residents, providing ministry and counseling services to residents, family members and staff, and preparing and conducting memorial services.

Resumes can be sent to

News From Our Churches – November 27, 2019

On Sunday, November 17, the Princeton Advent Christian Church hosted Appalachian Regional Superintendent Bill Millinor who delivered a challenging message from Philippians 2 about the humility of Jesus Christ. Afterward, there was a pizza party with the church volunteers who packed 52 shoeboxes with donated toys and personal items collected through the fall for Operation Christmas Child. The volunteers then prayed together for the children and families who would receive the gifts to accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

International Missions – November 27, 2019

News from Our Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


Pastor Johnson Odoyo

A phone call with Pastor Johnson Odoyo (Conference Secretary of Tanzania AC Conference).

Pastor Johnson: “I have 30 kicks. I am praying that 20 of them will live.”

(I have two choices in this conversation. I can place more value on his perception of my intelligence while I pretend that I understand, or I can place more value on our relationship, honestly telling him that I do not understand while asking him to be patient with me as I seek for clarity. Johnson is a public school principal. Perhaps …)

Bryce: “Johnson, please help me to understand. Did you say you have 30 kids?”

Pastor Johnson: “Kicks. Kicks! I have 30 kicks. I am praying that 20 of them will live.”

Bryce: “Johnson, spell it for me. Is it K-I-D-S?”

Pastor Johnson: “No, it is C-H-I-C-K-S. Kicks! There is a disease going around. I am praying that they will become hens.”

Ahh! Now it is clear.

From ACGC – November 20, 2019

The International Outreach Advisors (IOA)* met here in Charlotte last week with Director of International Missions Jeff Walsh along with Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting and Latin America Area Director John Gilbert. The purpose of this committee is to give feedback and support to the ministries of ACGC around the world. During the four days of meetings from Monday to Thursday, we heard ministry updates from Jeff, Bryce and John. Such meetings are opportunities for interaction, encouragement and prayer with our leadership across the globe.

News From Our Churches – November 20, 2019


Christmas in October gifts to our international ministry leaders were sent out last week. Because of WHFMS, missions groups, churches and individuals like you, those who serve will receive a small gift of appreciation this Christmas. Thank you for your part in our mission work and for making the season a bit more special for those who currently serve and have served in the past.