World Outreach – April 1, 2015

News from our World Outreach Director Jeff Walsh

Pastor-John-Kombe-040115Let me begin with a big “thank you” to all of you who are supporting our special World Outreach project for bicycles for our African pastors. Because of you, this project is now making a big difference for many of our African pastors!

Many notes are now coming to our World Outreach office from our African conference leaders sharing how already they can see the relief of transportation for their pastors being met. Your gift has enabled us to reach funding for 100 bikes. We are now hopeful that we will reach our goal of 275 bikes to assist our AC African pastors who are in need of a bike to carry out their ministerial duties.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a recent “thank you” note that our mission office received this week from Pastor Samuel Sosono (Malawi Conference Leader). In this letter, one of his pastors shares how grateful he feels to have received a bike from the donations that have been sent by ACGC.

“I am John Kombe, Pastor of Mbangu Advent Christian Church, here in Malawi. I am here to convey my thanks to my American brothers and sisters for the precious gift of the bicycle. It took me some minutes to believe that this bicycle belongs to me. It has been my prayer since I became a pastor of this church in 2004. I will not take it for granted for I thank God for honoring me with this special gift. Yes, God is so wonderful!!

“Transportation has been my challenge to perform my duties effectively. I have been failing to attend various church meetings, conventions, seminars, open air crusades, and visiting the sick, church members, elders, etc. Today, God has answered my longtime prayers through ACGC. I have never owned a bicycle in my whole life. This being my first bicycle, I promise to keep it safe and take good care of it. I will enjoy my duty as a pastor as travelling will not be a challenge as it has been in the past years.

“I will be praying for the leadership of this Conference and ACGC, who have chosen me to be the owner of this brand new bicycle. It’s my prayer that every pastor of this Conference will be blessed with their own bicycle.

“May the Lord God bless you all!”

Samuel writes to us:
“That is the story of Pastor John Kombe, who was full of tears of joy after receiving his bicycle.”

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