World Outreach – December 6, 2017

Conference President Hezron Michael Nyaoro at the Bible Bookstore

News from Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting

Sometimes while visiting our African ministries, I will notice that a pastor’s Bible is worn out and missing pages. This often is the case because it is the only Bible to be shared among the entire church. World Outreach, on behalf of our continued mission supporters, was blessed to be able to send enough money for our pastors in Tanzania to receive new study Bibles.

The Department of Women’s Ministries has made another generous donation to fund Christmas in October. This program sends a Christmas gift to the national pastors of our various fields. Most of our fields have now received their gifts and are in the process of getting them into the hands of the pastors. For some, it is a two-week bicycle trip to reach each pastor. For others, it is a nice presentation to each pastor at annual conference meetings.

Already the notes of thanks are coming in from our African AC Conferences:

Liberia – “Dear Trena [World Outreach Admin. Asst.], thanks a lot for the gift sent through your office. Please extend my thanks and appreciation for the gift sent to me. God is good.” – Pastor Moses

Nigeria – “Hi Trena, thanks for the Christmas gift. We have received it today in our conference account. Thanks, God bless.” – Rev. Udosen, conference president

Tanzania – “Praise the Lord, Brother Bryce! Hope you are all fine in the Lord. We would like to thank God for the Christmas gift he has provided to us through the WHFMS. The Tanzania Advent Christian Conference (TACC) board and all the pastors of the TACC ministries have received the gift with a lot of thanks and praying for you all, WHFMS inclusive. Pass our appreciation and thanks to Sister Beth Larkin [Coordinator of Women Ministries and Event Operations].

God is love. May his love unite us in the building of his kingdom.” – Rev. Hezron M. Nyaoro via Secretary Johnson

 Students in the School of Theology Enjoying the Use of Their New Bibles