World Outreach – June 14, 2017

           Bryce Whiting

News from our Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting


A conversation with Pastor Johnson Odoyo:

(Pastor Odoyo) “What do you say to a pastor who still seeks traditional medicine for his ailments?”

(Area Director Whiting) “Tell me about traditional medicine, Brother Johnson.”

In Tanzania, the local Babu (witchdoctor) is most respected. There are roughly 70,000 of them in this country, allowing each village to have at least one. A Babu is a professed healer who often lives in a hut set away from the community. Any ailment of the body or mind for most people in the village means a trip to the Babu’s hut, even before advice is sought from more modern medical doctors, because he/she is cheaper, probably more accessible and steeped in tradition. The Babu possesses a vast knowledge of local plants and herbs, but his practice is given the most credibility from his use of the supernatural. Stories are told of how ancestors and helper spirits appeared through dreams and divination to advise the best remedies. Consider the entrapment devised by our enemy Satan when he lures an unsuspecting patient into dependence upon his practices.

What DO you say to a pastor who has met the Lord Jesus, yet remains dependent on the Babu?

We discussed the story of the love and jealousy of God, how he brought his people out of the land of divination, forbade them from marrying people belonging to other gods, and how he prepared the way for the Messiah to come, telling them: “You shall have no other gods before me.” We discussed the entrapments and bondages of the evil one.

This week there was another conversation.

(Pastor Odoyo) “I must tell you of the wonderful thing the Lord has done!”

Pastor Odoyo had gone to visit this pastor who still visited the Babu. In the course of the conversation, Pastor Moses Elijah became persuaded to surrender his use of traditional medicine to the Lord Jesus. He has confessed his dependence on other gods and has become part of the Advent Christian family. We now have a new church in the village of Idudija.

“The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad” (Psalms 126:3).

World Outreach Mission Celebration Banquet Held

Missionary Speaker Penny Vann and Director of World Outreach Jeff Walsh

On Sunday afternoon, June 11, the members of Shiloh Advent Christian Church in Monroe, North Carolina, hosted a World Outreach celebration banquet. The event was designed for people from area churches to come together around the work of Advent Christian missions and celebrate all that God is doing. Missionary Penny Vann was the featured speaker. People from several area churches attended the event. There were people from Dulin’s Grove Advent Christian Church, Long’s Grove Advent Christian Church, The Rock Christian Church, Savannah Advent Christian Church and Shiloh Advent Christian Church. We praise God for the opportunity to fellowship together around the work of missions.